Boston Broadside August Edition: JUSTICE FOR THE FALLEN SEVEN RALLY

The liberal Boston Media with their
multi-million-dollar operations (deep, deep pockets),
large staffs, palatial offices, fancy painted trucks, state-of-
the-art cameras and recording equipment could
barely manage to squeeze out a few words on the rally.

They don’t want you to know what happened.
They don’t want you to know what was said.
They don’t care about our Marines.
They don’t care about the
“collateral damage.”

They gave you five words from the speakers.

We’ve printed more than
5,000 words
from rally speakers in our August 2019 edition,
and we feature a detailed first-hand account by Erin Leone.

Pick up a copy at your local store, or order a subscription.

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  1. As the Boston Herald has reported in recent weeks, the Registry of Motor Vehicles staff who were supposed to revoke the licenses of hazardous drivers is composed mostly of hacks and relatives of politicians. It seems that in recent years most state jobs go to those who can check off the right quota box at hiring time and relatives and close friends of elected officials. In other words it’s their private club, but taxpayers can pay for it all. Years ago, there was nepotism and political hiring in state jobs. However, at least 25% were regular citizens who applied and got hired. That 25% kept the state offices running with some degree of efficiency. Today that 25% is shut out of state jobs due to nepotism, cronyism and quota hiring.

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