Camp Constitution Fights Back Against Commie Democrat Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

Camp Constitution Fights Back Against Commie Democrat Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

Back in September of 2017, Camp Constitution, was denied a permit by the City of Boston to fly the Christian flag on a public access flagpole where flags of Communist China, Cuba, and the Rainbow flag among others can fly.

Camp Constitution contacted Liberty Counsel, and within a day, the good folks at Liberty Counsel agreed to take the case.

Since then, there has been several courtroom appearances, and  international media coverage.

Over the past few days, the story has gone viral.  Dozens of media outlets including World Net Daily, Fox News, Fox TV, Breitbart, The Blaze, the Daily Caller, Life site News.

Today, Hal Shurtleff, Director of Camp Constitution, appeared on the Jeff Kuhner Show, a popular Boston-area talk show


Camp Constitution’s goal was to hold an event on Boston’s City Hall Plaza on or close to Constitution Day September 17 where it planned to have Rev. Steve Craft, Pastor William Levi, and Richard Howell give speeches on the need for racial reconciliation, the blessings of liberty, and Boston’s Christian heritage.  The raising of the Christian flag would have concluded the ceremony.

Hal Shurtleff, and the staff at Camp Constitution, and the legal team at Liberty Counsel are optimistic that they will win the suit.

A link to the Fox News story on the lawsuit:

2 Replies to “Camp Constitution Fights Back Against Commie Democrat Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

  1. Walsh claims to have a inclusive city. Inclusive for those who agree with him and the self proclaimed politically correct folks. Discriminatory to those with traditional American values. Walsh is playing towards his new constituency of socialists and high rent “progressives”. Many moderate longtime Bostonians have been priced out of the city as a result of extreme high rents or crime. The same thing that happened to San Francisco. No place for average working class people in the world of hypocritical “progressives”.

  2. The late Mayor Menino tried to block a Chic-fil-a store from opening near City Hall years ago. That happened because Menino didn’t like that company’s pro-Christian beliefs. Years ago, most mayors and politicians at least pretended to be open minded and caring. Today our politicians act like petty dictators. What you get when most people don’t read a newspaper, vote or even care anymore.

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