Freedom Rally – SUN. SEPT 26, 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. – SAVE THE DATE – SICK OF VACCINE MANDATES?

Boston’s Bulldozer Jeff Kuhner
and Gov. Candidate Geoff Diehl,
and Republican Chair Jim Lyons
will be just some of the featured speakers
at a
“Freedom Rally”
sponsored by The Boston Broadside
on Sunday
Sept. 26, 2021
at 1:00 – 2:00 P.M.
in front of the Massachusetts State House.





23 Replies to “Freedom Rally – SUN. SEPT 26, 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. – SAVE THE DATE – SICK OF VACCINE MANDATES?

  1. There is a freedom rally at the STATEHOUSE in Boston on Sept 17th 12-3pm sponsored by Familyfreedomendeavor.com

  2. Watch oit for antifa cointer protesters!
    I encountered them at the Trump rally. They are nasty and will try and bait you into assaulting them. They will say the most.offensive things with their cell phones at the ready!
    Really gameplan to anticipate this. Im not sure of the best plan but I think it beaes discussion. Organization has not been our strong point, lets stop that here!

  3. HUGE FAN of you, Jeff.
    I’ll be there too.
    Really appreciate all you do for standing up to our radical government, for our freedom and our great country.
    You’re the best, my friend. Keep up the good work.

  4. You should clarify your posting rules
    if you’re going to block posts with alternative views.

    Of course no profanity, doxxing etc should be allowed..

    But also no “liberal” posts or contrary facts are allowed, apparently, or maybe you have a posting limit.

    your blog, your rules

    make it clear

    I’ll still give you clicks.

    1. Jasper:
      You use a funny e-mail address which we cannot reply to, and bounce it off two ip addresses.
      I see you as a troll, who wants to find any scrap of b.s. to promote an agenda: destroy anyone who is not a Biden-loving liberal wackadoodle.

      There are plenty of other sites for your posts, and anyone here can go to those other sites and join you.

      Not interested in your posts. You might think you’re the best and brightest…good for you.

  5. Does anybody know if there will be any motorcycle groups heading to the rally from the merrimack valley area? I would love to join them.

    1. No pandemic when you have medicine protocols that work. Instead of sending people home to get sicker and die these facilities and doctors should treat patients with medicine. I guess then there is no need for one or more vaccines. Keep speaking the truth!.

  6. Is anyone organizing a bus to take people to and from the rally? I live on the South Shore. Could meet a bus anywhere from Plymouth to Braintree.

  7. Hopefully every person attending will have love in their hearts for the great American experiment our founding fathers envisioned. Strength through love is the best and fastest way to change our country back to what was started for us back in thr 1770″s. Peace and strength to everyone.

  8. I wish I could be there today! Thank you for all you do Jeff. I’m a new listener and enjoy your show. Please be careful for Antifa counter protesters~!

    1. It was incredible.
      One of the largest, if not THE largest political NON-LIBERAL rally in Boston in memory.
      I think the only thing close to it was 2014 – Justina Pelletier rally put on by Kuhner.

      A lot of GREAT, tremendous rally goes.
      A LOT OF NURSES. VERY SAD that THEY WERE PRAISED LAST YEAR, now they’re being persecuted.

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