BAKER SIGNS ABORTION EXPANSION LAW – Helps Ensure More Babies Will Be Killed in Massachusetts


On July 30th, Bob Katzen, Publisher of Beacon Hill Roll Call, contacted the Catholic Action League seeking a comment from C. J. Doyle on the decision of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to sign the radical abortion expansion bill, H. 5090—An Act expanding protections for reproductive and gender-affirming care.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle issued the following statement: “As a candidate for Governor in 2014, Charlie Baker was sold as a Bill Weld style Republican—socially liberal but fiscally conservative.”

“The abortion expansion bill which he signed on July 29th imposes new burdens on taxpayers and business owners, increases the scope of government—with state colleges now dispensing Plan B abortion pills—and denies personal freedom of choice for those opposed to abortion.”

“There is no conscience clause for pharmacists, business owners or non-profit organizations, and the religious exemption [for abortion coverage in group health insurance] is so narrowly drawn that most Catholic educational institutions will not qualify under it. Baker’s legacy on this legislation is one of higher spending, bigger government, and less personal freedom.”

An additional comment from C. J. Doyle: “According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, there were 16,452 abortions performed in the Commonwealth in 2020, the most recent year for which statistics are available. The Planned Parenthood affiliated Guttmacher Institute gives a somewhat higher number of 17,060. Some 20% of Bay State pregnancies end in abortion.”

“Under this new law, pharmacists may dispense Plan B abortion pills to women without medical consultations or prescriptions by physicians. Their only requirement is to report totals to the Department of Public Health. Plan B will also be dispensed in health centers in community colleges, state colleges, state universities, and on the campuses of the University of Massachusetts.”

“This means a likely increase in the number of abortions, an increase in the percentage of chemical versus surgical abortions, and increased difficulty in accurately tracking the aggregate number of abortions in Massachusetts.”

“The primary responsibility for this expansion of the death cult falls upon the 39 senators and 137 representatives—half of them Catholic—who voted to enact H. 5090, and upon the Governor of the Commonwealth, Charlie Baker, who could have vetoed it, but did not, and instead—oblivious or indifferent to any moral complicity in the murder of the innocent—signed it into law.”

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  1. Baker found plenty of time to sign this evil law. In his eight years as governor he had little time to fix the problems of our state. The once proud MBTA is now one of the worst and inefficient transit agencies in the nation. The Massachusetts State Police are the most scandal ridden state police agency in the nation. Not to mention the fact that they rank in the bottom percentage for traffic enforcement in the nation. Our roads and bridges are among the worst in the nation despite Massachusetts having a gas and excise tax. Our children’s services are among the worst in the nation. During the pandemic he sent the national guard to give free food to sanctuary cities. This despite the fact that many in sanctuary cities are on welfare subsidies. No such help for working class tax payers struggling though. As long as the working class stay home on election day, jokers like Baker, Healey etc. will continue to ignore taxpayers.

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