MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons releases update on signature collection totals, encourages all Republicans to join referendum efforts

MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons releases update on signature collection totals, encourages all Republicans to join referendum efforts


July 29, 2022




WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons on Friday released a series of updated signature totals and encouraged all citizens to join in on referendum efforts, stressing that “even the smallest amounts will make a difference in the end.”


Lyons said the effort is to let voters decide if illegal immigrants should have driver’s licenses.


The grassroots effort requires more than 40,000 certified signatures from registered voters by Aug. 24 in order to appear on ballots in November. Early totals show that volunteers have “done an outstanding job collecting signatures statewide” since the drive began at the beginning of the month, Lyons said.


With less than four weeks remaining, Lyons is encouraging everyone who may not have the free time needed to participate in shopping center collection drives to contact the party and request signature sheets which can then be mailed to home addresses. Interested parties, he said, can email John Milligan at to request forms.


“It doesn’t matter if only you or your family members are able to sign, you will absolutely make a difference if you join our cause,” Lyons said. “Once you get those sheets please contact the email address.”


“This signature drive is democracy in action, and we need everybody who receives this message to help us. If you need sheets please email, we will mail you sheets, just sign them and mail them back.”


A breakdown of candidate and volunteer counts is included below.


Geoff Diehl and Leah Allen team:


5,000 signatures


Third Congressional District team, which includes Acton Republicans Dave Lunger and Dotti Bisson, along with Westford Republican Cheryl Longtin, working with Republican candidate for Congress Dean Tran:


5,000 signatures


Republican Secretary of State candidate Rayla Campbell and team:


2,000 signatures


State Committeewoman Evelyn Curley and Andover Republican Bernadette Lyons:


2,000 signatures


Merrimack Valley team, led by Republican state representative candidate Joe Finn and Andover Republican CJ Gangi:


2,000 signatures


Republican State Committeeman Jim Dixon and team:


1,800 signatures


Cape Cod team, led by Sean O’Toole, Republican state Senate candidate Daralyn Heywood, and Republican state Rep. Candidate William Peters:


1,800 signatures


Billerica team, led by State Representative Marc Lombardo and Republican State Committeeman Anthony Ventresca:


1,500 signatures


Republican state Sen. Ryan Fattman and team:


1,500 signatures


Signature counts will be updated and released every Friday between now and the Aug. 24 deadline, Lyons said.


For detailed collection breakdowns, click on any of the links marked in blue below.


Statewide candidates


Congressional candidates


Legislative candidates




Republican State Committee members


The numbers will also be updated each Friday and available on the website’s press shop section. For more information, including updated dates, times, and locations of various signature collection drives, visit

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