Massachusetts: $500K of Taxpayer Money for Abortion Providers – MassGOP Chair Calls for Rejection of Abortion Earmark

MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons calls for rejection of $500,000 House budget abortion earmark

April 29, 2022


WOBURN — Quietly inserted by Democrats into the House’s $50 billion proposed state budget is a half-million dollar earmark to the Massachusetts abortion industry, a taxpayer-funded handout that Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said should be dumped during upcoming conference committee negotiations.


“The Democrats controlling the state Legislature are refusing to give taxpayers a single break yet they’re willing to dish out $500,000 of your money to fund the killing of the unborn,” Lyons said Friday. “Subsidizing abortion instead of helping out hard-working families scraping to get by amid record inflation tells you all you need to know about how out-of-touch Beacon Hill Democrats truly are.”


According to the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, the $500,000 handout “was included in a ‘consolidated’ bundle of amendments that were hammered out by House Democratic leaders in closed doors meetings.”

Lyons said earmarks like these, coupled with the Democrats’ post-Christmas vote in 2020 to overturn state laws guaranteeing lifesaving medical treatment to babies born alive following failed abortions, are what prompted the MassGOP to invite pro-life activist David Bereit to speak at next month’s nominating convention.

“The Democrats’ thirst for more and more abortions to be performed in Massachusetts has become almost cult-like,” Lyons said. “Our hope is that Republicans reviewing these types of outrageous earmarks during conference committee move to strike this amendment.”

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