Attorney Jay McMahon, candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General, issued a statement today:

April 29, 2022 – Cape Cod, MA – Attorney Jay McMahon, candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General, issued a statement today:

This week as reported in the Boston Herald, Worcester Rep. David LeBoeuf, 32, was pulled over in Quincy Tuesday night with his blood alcohol registering four times the legal limit, State Police said. He blew 0.329 and 0.317, according to the police report. So, my question is: Where is Maura Healey? Where is her investigation? Where has she been when it comes to investigating countless offenses by the political establishment? The answer is: that she has been too focused on national politics, her own political career, and no interest in focusing on the protection of the taxpayers in Massachusetts.

A radical progressive Democrat State Rep, as reported in the Boston Herald, is accused of driving so drunk that “multiple” motorists called 911 as the car swerved on I-93, with its tires ultimately smoking. State Police said that they found nine nip bottles and empties on board. Again, Maura Healey is silent. She ignores mass riots, lootings, and radical unstable behavior. She supports defunding the very police who pulled over public safety hazard Worcester Rep. David LeBoeuf. The same police who probably saved the lives of many motorists on Tuesday night.

Where was Healey while State Trooper after State Trooper were being fired over the VAX Mandate? And how about the ferry workers in Woods Hole who were also fired over the VAX Mandate. Where is Healey? I will fight for those bargaining unit employees to get their jobs back, with retroactive pay!

When I am elected Attorney General, the taxpayers can count on me to conduct an immediate investigation and prosecution of any political figure that thinks they are above the law; and who has fired employees for nothing more than the VAX Mandate. It is unconstitutional; you know it, I know it, and they know it!


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