MassGOP Chair Carnevale Silent on Treasurer

On February 15, 2023, members of the MassGOP State Committee signed a letter to the new chairwoman regarding controversial treasurer Patrick Crowley.  As of today, no reply from the new chairwoman, despite repeated requests for a response from the signers.


February 15, 2023
To: Chairwoman Amy Carnevale, MassGOP
Ms. Carnevale:

We are informed by Vice Chairman Jay Fleitman that you both spoke on Friday, February 10, 2023, regarding a definitive plan by which you intend to address the ongoing issues related to Treasurer Patrick Crowley’s damage to the MassGOP in 2022.

Mr. Crowley unilaterally shut down the organization’s bank account, thereby putting financial obligations into default and immobilizing funds indefinitely, and has since expressed no regret or apology to any member, elected official or officer on the executive board of the Massachusetts Republican Party, nor any candidate for office in 2022, all of whom were negatively impacted by this action.

We ask that you provide to the entire State Committee of your intent to remedy this egregious act of sabotage by the close of business on March 1, 2023.

Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Orlando
Evelyn Curley
Susan Huffman
Todd Taylor
Kathy Lynch
Robert Aufiero
KathyJo Boss
Paul Ronukaitus
Geoff Diehl
Joyce Kelly
Brian Genest
Maureen Maloney
Sue Dunnell
Marty Lamb
Eleanor Greene
Brendan O’Connell
Regina Taylor
Deb Martell
Linda Vacon
Danielle MacInnis
Deb Dugan
Jay MacMahon
Jim Dixon
Stephen Zykovsky
Patricia Saint Aubin
Lynne Roberts
Anthony Ventresca
Steve Fruzzetti
John Umina
Dennis Galvin
Marie Bergeron
Richard Baker

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