Jeralyn Levasseur – for Massachusetts Republican State Committee: Second Essex and Middlesex

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Massachusetts Republican State Committeewoman Evelyn Curley Endorses Jeralyn Levasseur – Second Essex and Middlesex

by Evelyn Curley

Jeralyn Levasseur is the best candidate for the Massachusetts Republican State Committee that I have seen in a long time.

It was with some apprehension that I decided not to run for re-election to the State Committee, because I knew that my absence would create an opportunity for a really bad candidate to fill the open seat  – and having been on the State Committee since 2020, I have seen my share of abhorrent candidates.

However, my heart jumped for joy when I found out that Jeri was interested in running! Any reticence I might have had vanished instantly because I know Jeri personally, and she is without blemish!

She has everything a Republican candidate needs to have to compete and be effective in this bluer than blue state – courage, conviction and above all, faith.

But in addition to all those great qualities, she has intelligence and discernment, two things that are starkly absent in the current cesspool that is Massachusetts politics.

Jeri is loyal to the cause of liberty – she relentlessly supports conservative candidates. She was a stalwart supporter of the ballot questions that we have successfully gotten onto the ballot in recent years, including the unborn babies protection question and the no driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. I have seen her at numerous local Republican town committee meetings in the district and at endless fundraisers. She recently held a forum about Chinese immigrants and what a boon to patriotism they have brought to our communities! Jeri knows how to recruit and energize conservatives. All this, in spite of tragically losing her beloved husband to an aggressive brain cancer a year or so ago. Nothing can stop her!

I give my 100% and total endorsement to Jeri Levasseur for state committeewoman in the newly re-created Senate District of Second Essex and Middlesex.

Please vote for Jeri if you live in the district – we need a bold and courageous state committeewoman representing us – believe me, you won’t be sorry.  ♦


One Reply to “Jeralyn Levasseur – for Massachusetts Republican State Committee: Second Essex and Middlesex

  1. Jeri did the hard work to legally take over the formerly illegal Haverhill RCC. Her RINO State Committeeman was the previous chair. He only had two (2) Officers on the City Committee where three (3) separate persons are required. Also, NO City Committee can be organized until at least one (1) Republican Ward is organized first. The RINO had NO wards organized. Jeri did the ground work to organize her Haverhill Ward with OCPF first. Next, she legally applied to OCPF to have that ward assume leadership of the entire City Committee, essentially doing double duty. LEGAL! This was approved by OCPF. The incumbent RINO State Committeeman was fired as Chair. Said RINO complained to then Chairman Jim Lyons (RINO hates Jim). Jim ruled that the law was clearly on Jeri’s side. Since then Jeri has organized the majority of Haverhill’s Republican wards. Jeri is a fighter and the clear choice for her State Senate District on Super Tuesday. MAGA/KAG!

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