MassGOP: Morally Bankrupt Now Financially Bankrupt?



by Lonnie Brennan

MassGOP: Morally Bankrupt Now Financially Bankrupt?

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!

We all knew the morally bankrupt MassGOP leaders or rather, non-leaders – you know, the ones who boycotted MassGOP state committee meetings for a year in an attempt to bankrupt/cripple the then party-chair Jim Lyons, were problem children. Now, it’s clear, they bit off more than they could chew.

In a scene reminiscent of the old phrase: be careful what you wish for little girl, it might come true, Party Chair Amy Carnevale has come out of the starting gate tripping over herself and her awkward social ways, has flattened her face on the pavement more times than imaginable, got run over by her own crazy RINO supporters, and now is floating waving the white flag.

Darth Helmet Hair Blue-Suit Coat Wearing MassGOP Chair Amy Carnevale – Sharer of the Cool Aid.  – Broadside Photo

After just nine months at the helm, Carnevale and Biden-like (shriveled, confusing, arm twister) Ronny Kaufman, the National State Committeeman have apparently floated the “b” word: bankruptcy for the Massachusetts Republican Party. Kaufman is known as the puppetmaster and trinket-giver – connected to D.C., and pulling all the strings and overseeing the slow steady decades-old decline of the Republican Party in Massachusetts. Yet, the geezer holds onto power. Useless politician. (The Bobby Valentine of politics – you remember him? The clown who took the Red Sox from first place to last place in just one year? He’s got just a little more going for him than Ronny Kaufman.)

In an article on MassterList (a daily update on Massachusetts political happenings), Kaufman seems to dance on both sides of the coin, while some unknown “former lobbyist” and “unsuccessful” candidate for Congress a couple of decades ago (??) named Michael Jones (totally unmemorable) discussed a “move for bankruptcy protection” for the Party.

Ron Kaufman in the early years with Mittens Gay Marriage Founder Romney – Photo Courtesy of Iron Mike.

Jones is urging the 80-member board of directors of the Republican Party in Massachusetts to declare bankruptcy to stave off “hemorrhaging.” Meanwhile, the party has seen a dramatic 73% drop in contributions this year, since the narrow backstabbing backbiting razor slim vote that ousted Lyons and put Carnevale at the helm. Since then, she’s either steered the ship into rocks, tangled the prop in fishing lines, got caught up in shallow water, or, as it appears now, is headed to drydock. (OK, fairly bad seaman’s analogy, but you get the idea – this captain can’t lead.)


Then again, we didn’t expect much from Carnevale. The socially awkward Darth Vader Helmet-Hair Democrat-color-blue-coat-wearing-at-many-Republican-events chair placed the proverbial egg on her face at her first MassGOP meeting in June when she floated a lead balloon: Carnevale explained to the gathering that she thought it would be funny/cute to place Cool-Aid packages and pitches of water on everyone’s table. She was making a “joke” she tried to explain, regarding caustic lines of attack against Lyons on the radio by a sectarian talk-shock-jock who bashed Lyons at every turn, instead focusing his love on liberal Chris “I voted for Hillary Clinton” Doughty in Doughty’s embarrassing run against activist Geoff Diehl for governor last year.

Blue suit Amy at Scituate Caucus, spring 2023 – Broadside photo

Carnevale’s “joke” garnered her groans from the audience, a few lame ughs, and a couple of catcalls. She clearly misread the room, just as the talk jock misread the room at the Bedford, Mass. caucus to fill an empty slot on the state committee, but that’s a long, embarrassing story for him, we’ll give a leave-alone tonight).

June 8th MassGOP Committee meeting – Amy Carnevale in blue suit – Broadside photo

Carnevale promised money. Lots of money. Indeed, there was a list circulated and a highly publicized letter, actually open bribe, by a gaggle of so-called rich donors who pledged a cool $1million if the MassGOP would just dump Lyons.  The money never came in. Crickets. So much for standing by your man, or rather, your gal in this case.

So, the MassGOP has been back in the hands of the RINOs, the anti-Trumpers and the pro-Baker and pro-Mittens Willard Romney and others.

The party that crashed the number of elected Republicans in the legislature, turned over all state-wide seats, and the party that spent lavishly in the past (on themselves), enriched their own bank accounts, and enriched those of their friends (pay attention to the grassroots lawsuits against them…again, play the Jaws theme music here…it’s coming…).

But now, the gravy train is done and gone. Carnevale an her cohorts efforts to destroy the party under Lyons, their effort to undermine the Diehl campaign, their effort to drive away conservatives, has come home to roost. No conservative in the state wants the radical crazy Democrat Healey in the governor’s seat, but Carnevale and her crazy RINO supporters apparently did everything they could to ensure Healey got the win. They sure didn’t help the Party, and they sure didn’t help Geoff Diehl.

MassGOP Treasurer Patrick Crowley who boycotted MassGOP meetings for a year to protest Jim Lyons as chair. Lyons has an ongoing lawsuit against the politician for undermining the party. Depositions thus far have revealed an underhanded coordinated effort to destroy Lyons in the media, and participants included Crowley, new Chair Amy Carnevale, Matthew Sisk, and other politicians.


Lyons survived his brief hand at the chairmanship and brought in the big money which he routed out of everywhere, truly in spite of the RINOs. They couldn’t kill the grassroots under Lyons, but now, now that they’re back in charge, and have been exposed by Lyons for the deep-state that they are, their funding has dried up. Who wants to contribute to the old party of the 2017-2018 apparent corruption?

But, Kaufman/Carnevale apparently have a plan to infuse the MassGOP with funds: charge Donald J. Trump and others $20,000 or more for the MassGOP to bless their campaigns to “allow” their names to appear on the ballot.  Sure, some other states do the same, but really, that’s the answer? A one-time infusion of cash from national campaigns? And, a potential promise to charge them less if they’ll hold an event in Massachusetts? OK, fair enough, like Democrats, tax everyone, fee everyone, but what will be done with that money? And how long will the good ship Carnevale stay afloat on this extraction? Or, is she headed for bankruptcy dry-dock? And of course, Lyons will be blamed. Just like Trump, it’s always the last guy’s fault for everything.

Take a look at the charts (a nicer way to look at the data), provided by Mayflower Media. Carnevale’s got a lot of ‘splaining’ to do, as Ricky would say to Luuuuccceee!



3 Replies to “MassGOP: Morally Bankrupt Now Financially Bankrupt?

  1. 37 RINOS are targeted for defeat. Super Tuesday is their day of reckoning. The RINOS should all drop out to save themselves the embarrassment of defeat and waste of money. Baker isn’t around to fund their campaigns anymore. Even Amy has a RINO CUTTERS opponent in her backyard as does Fogarty. All of our MAGA slate of Candidates are getting professional campaign training and support. We’re going negative. It’s on. MAGA/KAG!

  2. No statements from the Mass GOP on the millions being spent on illegal aliens. Many Bay Staters who are disillusioned with the Democrats would consider voting Republican if the message got out. The current Mass GOP leadership are no different than the Democrats.

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