MassGOP Chair’s Letter: Update on 2 Lawsuits: Calls Out Corruption/Lawlessness by Top GOP Man Ron Kaufman and Chief Perpetrator Doug Bennett


Dec. 08, 2022

Dear Member of the 168,

Recently I shared with you the federal election record in Massachusetts during the 34-year tenure of Republican National Committeeman Ron Kaufman. Today I write to you to update you on Ron Kaufman’s activity and his role in creating the existing divisions apparent within the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Over the last several years, Ron Kaufman worked with others in an effort not just to destroy my reputation, but unlawfully interfere with the operations of the MassGOP.

Evidence in my possession indicates Ron Kaufman’s own aide was one of the lead henchmen in a scheme hatched more than two years ago.

An individual named Doug Bennett has said on multiple occasions that he worked as an employee of Ron Kaufman’s.

From November 2020 thru February 2022, Doug Bennett was one of the chief perpetrators of a campaign apparently led by Kaufman involving Facebook posts, direct mail pieces, email blasts, and newspaper stories that all served as part of an effort to remove me as party chairman.

The social media posts called me a pedophile, a racist, a bigot, and a criminal.

Meanwhile, news reports published by the Boston Globe and other local media outlets, in coordination with Bennett and others, sought to advance this damagingly false narrative.

Additionally, part of the campaign to remove me included shutting down bank accounts belonging to the party. This unlawful plan called for putting a post-no-debit hold on the MassGOP bank account, resulting in a bounced Feb. 1, 2022, rent payment for MassGOP headquarters and the shutdown of the party’s credit card.

Employee paychecks and health benefits were scheduled to be canceled.

These actions are in direct violation of Massachusetts criminal statutes.

In order to protect my reputation and the assets of MassGOP, two lawsuits have been filed to date.

The first lawsuit was filed against Ron Kaufman’s aide, Doug Bennett.

Bennett has admitted under oath that he was paid by Red Massachusetts Grassroots Action LLC, an entity apparently managed by Brian Wynne, campaign manager for Gov. Charlie Baker.

Bennett led the efforts to defame and slander me. It is noteworthy that during Bennett’s testimony he admitted to signing a non-disclosure agreement with Red Massachusetts Grassroots Action LLC.

The MassGOP filed the second lawsuit against party treasurer Patrick Crowley, who authorized the post-no-debit to shut down the MassGOP bank accounts.

The discovery process for both lawsuits is ongoing. Evidence collected to date suggests that Ron Kaufman was aware and involved in this unlawful scheme.

As a follow up to this information I will be sharing with the 168 members of the Republican National Committee a narrative of the misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the MassVictory federal account during the 2017/18 election cycle.

The 2017-18 election cycle saw several LLCs formed which received payments from the MassGOP MassVictory account. This money funded the lifestyles for politically-connected operatives.

The money was used for travel, entertainment, parking, rideshare costs, and fine dining.

The managers of these LLCs all share direct links to Gov. Charlie Baker.

If you would like to discuss this topic or any other issue concerning the events that have occurred over the last few years here in Massachusetts, please do not hesitate to reach out by phone or email.

Jim Lyons

5 Replies to “MassGOP Chair’s Letter: Update on 2 Lawsuits: Calls Out Corruption/Lawlessness by Top GOP Man Ron Kaufman and Chief Perpetrator Doug Bennett

  1. Thank You for all your hard work Jim. The few honest citizens left in this state truly appreciate all that you are doing. I feel bad for what you are going through. I never knew until the last few years how utterly corrupt the previous state GOP was. It’s no wonder that Republican representation had been going steadily downhill over the years, especially when the previous ‘leadership’ was working almost in lockstep with the Democrats. Good luck going forward.

  2. At least 80% of the current members on the MassGOP State Committee are useless. Most of them won’t even bother to show up to any RTC meetings scheduled in the State Senate districts. In the rare event that they do show up it’s to denigrate and undermine the America First Patriots there to conduct the People’s business. Almost 1/2 of the SC stormed out of their January, 22 meeting in some weak protest of Chairman Lyons. Thus, they prevented a vote on a commonsense motion to promote more minority representation in the Party. Yup, can’t have any “People of Color” like that at their country club. Lyons ran the most culturally diverse slate of candidates last cycle in MassGOP history! Just resign. Don’t worry we’ll just fill the caucuses with true Patriots who support President Trump’s vision for America.

  3. Jim Lyons is a blowhard piece of trash whose lies pour out of his skin like sweat.

    He lost 13 seats in the legislature since becoming Chair.

    That’s right 13 LEGISLATIVE seats in the State House.

    His candidate for Governor got half the vote total that the 2018 candidate got.

    Trump’s approval in MA rate was the same in 2018 as it was in 2022. So this was why we lost seats, it’s because the leadership sucks and Jim Lyons suffers from “Peter Principle.”

    He can’t handle the position and hence, has destroyed the party.

    It’s a guarantee that if Lyons serves another term, that after the 2024 Presidential Elector, the MassGOP will be completely annihilated and wiped awayl and we no one in the legislature.

    To paraphrase what Ron DeSantis said about Charlie Crist, that it”s time to put that old horse out in the pasture, the same is true for Jim Lyons.

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