Stopping the Anti-American Indoctrination of our Children and Grandchildren

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“In far too many schools across New Hampshire, students are being brainwashed to hate America – and hate each other.

They’re being told lies about America’s history and values, and indoctrinated with toxic theories that divide them by race and gender.

Parents, grandparents and other concerned Americans in New Hampshire and across the country are beginning to fight back.

Sign our pledge, and join us now.” Go to https://www.1776action.org/NewHampshire/

2 Replies to “Stopping the Anti-American Indoctrination of our Children and Grandchildren

  1. The U.S. spends the most for public education in the world. Yet we rank low in education in these past 25 years. I’m sure most teachers are good. However, too many aren’t good at teaching. Even when I went to school close to 50 years back, a few teaches were hinderances to pupils learning experiences.

  2. Its in today’s Boston Herald as to how the Red Sox and Celtics owners filed a brief in U.S. Court against a law suit filed by Chinese-Americans and Caucasian ethnic Americans who want to keep Boston Latin an exam school. The City of Boston wants to give racial preference without exams that would discriminate against Chinese and White children. who passed exams to get into Boston Latin High School. Wealthy Red Sox owner John Henry and the wealthy Celtics owners think its great to discriminate against Chinese-American and White ethnic children who study. Chinese-Americans and many White ethnic Americans suffered discrimination and now their children are. John Henry should stick to his team with their coach who was suspended for cheating before he advocates division.

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