by Lonnie Brennan

“I’m really surprised that they don’t have the guts to look her eye-to-eye, and ask the questions that they should be asking,” Attorney Mark Sisti stated in an interview with New Hampshire’s WMUR after the New Hampshire Supreme Court rejected a petition to order a commutation hearing.

Sisti had petitioned the court of last resorts in New Hampshire after the Governor’s Council had spent less than three minutes before they rejected his client’s request for a hearing. Smart is serving a life sentence for conspiracy to murder her husband. The actual shooter and his friends who participated in the crime have long been released on parole.

While the person who acquired a gun, acquired ammunition, went to Smart’s condo and killed Gregg Smart in an execution-style killing, and yet has been released, and has moved on and has a family now, Smart remains imprisoned, and the Governor’s Council refuses to even allow Smart to have a parole hearing.

What are they afraid of? That’s one of several questions Sisti and others have asked. With regret, the Governor’s Council can apparently not do anything, can ignore anything, and can refuse to consider a commutation hearing to anyone, and never be held accountable. They can do whatever N.H. Gov. Chris Sununu wants, and he made it clear where he stands: no consideration for Smart. Smart was shipped off to a maximum security prison in New York. More than 33 years have passed.

Sisti had argued before the N.H. Surpeme Court noting that with less than three minutes of action by the Governor’s Council, “we don’t know if they even looked at one page, one page of what we submitted.”

We’ll be posting updates here over the weekend….


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