Noted Conservative to Speak in Northborough on Wednesday, 9/30

In 2014 Don Feder marked his 50th year in the conservative movement.

As the Northborough Tea Party’s Guest Speaker, He will expand on his

most significant experiences and present Lessons for Conservatives –

Fifty Years’ Worth

In the 1960’s Don Feder was a leader of the Young Americans for

Freedom (YAF) campus conservative movement. Later, he became the

first executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, executive director

of the Second Amendment Foundation, an editorial writer and columnist

at The Boston Herald, a syndicated columnist, free-lance writer, consultant

and Coalitions Director of the World Congress of Families.

Mr. Feder’s remarks will focus on:

Core Conservative Values – Family, Faith and Freedom

National Identity – Language, Culture and Borders

Private Property and the Free Market

Is There a Conservative Foreign Policy?

The Difference Between Conservatives and Libertarians

Stifling Dissent

The Differences Between Conservatism and the Republican Party

Day/Date/Time – Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

Place – Northborough Free Library, 34 Main Street.

Admission – Free. with a special invitation to high school students

Sponsor – Northborough Tea Party.

Spread the Word – Please pass this along to family and friends.

Encourage them to attend, asking them to do likewise with folks in

their networks. Phone calls are, by far, the best way to invite.

IMPORTANT – RSVP, Please – In order to provide the most comfortable

seating arrangement,It is very helpful if we know in advance about how

many people will be attending. Thanks. RSVP to:

Alternate Parking – Free parking is also available directly across Main

Street (Route 20) at the Trinity Church, 23 Main Street, around back.

Information – or 508.393.2044

John O’Mara

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