Free the Law: DCF Dirty Tricks

by Gregory A. Hession, J.D.

The Massachusetts Dept. of Children & Families (DCF) uses predictable tactics against parents, as though they were in an unwritten rule book. These are all in a “DCF Dirty Tricks” section on my web site The twenty dirty tricks there are proven to be true, and this column will reprint condensed versions of many of them over the next several issues.

Today’s dirty tricks, numbers five and six, are about DCF using its famous “divide and conquer” tactics, pitting parents against each other and turning children against their parents. Once they do that, the family cannot fight back effectively. We will consider these dirty tricks together.

Dirty Trick No. Five

The DCF will try to get one parent to say incriminating things about the other, especially about domestic abuse.

Dirty Trick No. Six

The DCF will try to get your child to make “disclosures” about you, using manipulation, coercion, and fear.

One of DCF’s favorite dirty tricks is to get one parent to say negative things about the other. This accomplishes many wonderful things from their viewpoint. When DCF agents come to your door, they have one goal: to get “disclosures” from the children, or from one parent about the other, about abuse, domestic violence, drug use, or other family problems.

Thus, the key importance of the advice given in the discussion of Dirty Trick No. 1: To SHUT UP, and to not say anything bad about your partner. If you do, it will be the beginning of the end, and these disclosures will form the basis for the DCF case against you.

If one parent discloses abuse by the other one, then DCF can force the talking parent to get a restraining order against the “abusive” one, usually the man. The DCF agent will usually threaten: “If you don’t get a restraining order against him, we will take (or keep) your children.” Then the parent is forced to choose   husband or children. DCF agents are not above demanding that parents commit perjury to get a restraining order, even though doing so is a crime called “suborning perjury.”

With a restraining order which “proves” abuse, and the “disclosures” the woman gives them, DCF now has proof that the other parent is unfit. Then, they will go to the “abusive” parent and work him over, telling him the woman said nasty things about him in an effort to get him to say nasty things about her.

Now they can prove both parents unfit and ruin the family. Only one step remains. Get the children to make disclosures about the parents.

Get the Children to Rat Out the Parents

One of the first things DCF does, whether they take the children into captivity or not, is to entice the children to make “disclosures” about the parents. This is one of their dirtiest of tricks, and one of the many reasons why I believe that some DCF agents are themselves abusers. They will manipulate your frightened children into saying almost anything that they want to hear. They have several tactics, described below:

First, nearly every child they work with goes into therapy – on the surface to help the child, but really to obtain disclosures against you. Regardless of mental illness, therapy is the order of the day. Admissions from the child are critical to make the case against you.

If the therapist – who is often unlicensed and unqualified – can obtain information from the child about abuse, she will breathlessly run to DCF and excitedly tell the DCF agent. High fives all around. They now have a case! And they can drug the children to make them talk, and to make them turn on their parents.

DCF therapists use war interrogation tactics. They work with children because they are frightened, traumatized, taken out of the security of their home and are sometimes being abused or ill fed by their foster parents. Under these circumstances, your children may say unexpected  and untrue things about you, especially after a few months in captivity.

One of their techniques is to implant the idea in the frightened child that mommy and daddy abused her. They may ask, “Did Daddy touch you there?” If the answer is no, they may continue to badger, or simply twist the child’s answer to reflect the interrogator’s bias. Kids want to please adults, and may say some vague thing that can be twisted into an admission. After a while, the kids don’t even know the difference between reality and imagination.

They always believe a child’s “disclosures,” but never his denials.

 The “disclosure” process only goes one way, like a ratchet. If DCF or a therapeutic henchman can get a disclosure about abuse, using any tactic short of torture, that admission becomes the “truth.” It can now never be denied, even if the child repeatedly recants it. Disclosures are always true, never denials.

The best thing you can do to counter this dirty trick is to make sure, in advance, that your child knows that you only talk to mommy and daddy about things going on in the family, never to outsiders. If your children have the inner strength to resist their (DCF) predatory tactics, and don’t make disclosures to the interrogators, you will likely get them back.

Additionally, don’t send them to your enemies at the government re education camp known as a public school, where everyone there is part of the DCF snitch network, and working hand and glove with DCF against you.   ♦

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