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Governor Charlie Baker ‘Deepens and Widens the Democrat-Filled Judiciary with Influences of Known, Documented Perpetrators of Elder Exploitation’

Governor Charlie Baker
‘Deepens and Widens the Democrat-Filled Judiciary with Influences of Known, Documented Perpetrators of Elder Exploitation’

by Lisa Siegel Belanger, Esq.


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From the Boston Broadside’s 4-part series, ISOLATE, MEDICATE, LIQUIDATE: HOW TO FLEECE A SENIOR, subscribers and readers may be aware of my family’s personal 5-year and continuing travesty of justice inflicted by public officials of the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court. For those who are not, my family’s personal pursuit of justice involves the unlawful and literal seizure of my elderly father and his estate by the Commonwealth.

My article, entitled “Message to Citizens: Wake Up!” as published in the October 2017 edition of the Boston Broadside, alerts citizens that my family’s travesty is not an isolated incident but rather is a poster-child for what is happening to other families on a daily basis within the Massachusetts Probate & Family Courts.

In no uncertain terms, what has happened to my family is business as usual in the Massachusetts Probate & Family Courts and that all families are targets—it runs the full gambit from the poor to the wealthy.

The focus of this article is to alert citizens that all Massachusetts families need to be fearsome of Governor Charlie Baker’s outright disregard of known, established lawlessness by long-time public officials and his blatantly direct influence in having attorneys whom he has full knowledge of not just having acted lawlessly but actually having committed and continuing to commit elder exploitation through the Probate & Family Court system.

Two of those “politically-connected” attorneys are: Democrats Marsha V. Kazarosian of Kazarosian Costello, LLP, and Thomas J. Barbar, principal of Deutsch Williams Brooks Derensis & Holland, P.C.

Marsha Kazarosian – Facebook Photo

Thomas Barbar – new judge (his husband must be proud)

As described in Boston Broadside’s 4-part series, ISOLATE, MEDICATE, LIQUIDATE: HOW TO FLEECE A SENIOR, Thomas Barbar, Esq. represented the court-appointed guardian (Brian T. Cuffe, Esq. of Topsfield) and the court-appointed conservator (James E. Feld, Esq. of Woburn) in the Probate Court matters involving guardianship and conservatorship of my father, Marvin Siegel, from November of 2013 until this November of 2017. Marsha Kazarosian, Esq. has been counsel of record for my father since August 17, 2011.

Within a mere three months of my father having hired Attorney Kazarosian, he personally faxed a written demand terminating her legal representation of him. Marsha Kazarosian deliberately and connivingly refused to withdraw as legal counsel—despite her having filed an attestation on August 17, 2011 expressly stating that my father, as her client, was fully competent. In fact, the very purpose for Attorney Kazarosian having filed that attestation was to inform the Probate Court that she should be allowed to represent my father as private counsel so as to oust the then-existing fraudulent attorneys of record—Edward Tarlow and Al DeNapoli of Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers P.C.

As a direct result of years of flagrant judicial lawlessness exhibited by the Essex Probate & Family Court and the Massachusetts appellate courts regarding the specific guardianship and conservatorship over my father, on February 12, 2015 I filed a federal civil action based on the Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act (otherwise commonly known as RICO) as a private citizen and as an attorney—practicing for almost 20 years at that time. The case is identified as: Belanger et al. v. BNY Mellon, et al. and under Docket No. 1:15-cv-10198-ADB.

With respect to the civil RICO action, I set forth voluminous court documentation irrefutably establishing specified public officials’ acts of physical abuse, embezzlement, and money laundering—along with specifying private attorneys who are aiding and abetting these public officials. As the public can see for themselves through full access to the RICO complaint and exhibits, I prove that physical abuse, embezzlement, and money laundering directly stem from a long-embedded racketeering enterprise within the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court system.

I have created a website called www.freemarvin.com that provides full access for the public to personally review this civil RICO complaint with all corresponding exhibits. Marsha Kazarosian, Esq. and Thomas Barbar, Esq. are named in that RICO action, with very detailed factual accounts of their unlawful conduct—which they have not once denied or refuted. As I have provided truthful and irrefutable substantiation for my claims, their one repeated manner of response consists only of false and defamatory personal attacks against me.

Since March of 2015, Governor Charlie Baker has had full knowledge and possession of the copied complaint and corresponding exhibits. On February 28, 2015, I sent via priority mail a package containing a paper copy of the civil RICO complaint and six CDs containing the exhibits directly addressed to Governor Baker at his official State House office—the complaint explicitly and extensively calls attention to Marsha Kazarosian, Esq. and Thomas Barbar, Esq. I have proof of this material being received on Governor Baker’s behalf.

In that package directly addressed to Governor Baker, I provided a cover letter explicitly explaining the significance of the RICO action and how it directly relates to specified public officials and private attorneys exploiting elders, and irrefutable documentation of the systemic criminal enterprise within the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court organization. (A copy of the cover letter is viewable at freemarvin.com.)

At least six weeks passed without my receiving any type of response from Governor Baker or any of his agents/representatives; so, I personally called Governor Baker’s Office and spoke with an aide, who informed me that Governor Baker “cannot get involved in pending litigation.”  Such response would appear reasonable to a non-lawyer and, therefore, I explained to the aide the legal principles and reasons that actually require Governor Baker to address unlawful conduct committed by public officials acting under a governor’s auspices. I reiterated to Governor Baker’s aide the inherent obligation for a governor to enforce oversight and accountability.

Needless to say, that fell on Governor Baker’s proverbial deaf ears, as it repeatedly has with the Office of Bar Counsel, Board of Bar Overseers, the Judicial Conduct Commission, the Committee for Public Counsel Services, the State Attorney General’s Office, State Auditor’s Office, and other enforcement agencies.

Then the unthinkable happened. Despite the explicit misconduct of Attorney Marsha Kazarosian being placed smack dab in Governor Baker’s face, in February of 2016 he appointed Attorney Kazarosian to the very commission that nominates the judges who preside in the state’s highest court—the Supreme Judicial Court.

In the published announcement by the Massachusetts Bar Association as to Governor Baker’s appointment of Attorney Kazarosian to the highest court nominating commission, MBA Chief Legal Counsel Martin Healy stated:

Governor Baker’s appointment of this special commission demonstrates that he fully grasps the weight of this historic opportunity to change the makeup of the commonwealth’s top court.

It can’t get much more ironic, considering Governor Baker—self-proclaimed Republican—appointed a flashing neon Democrat to be placed in a position of influencing who gets seated as our state’s top court’s judges.

When all is said and done, We The People are the ones who pay the highest and dearest costs for these political shams. The 6-page state public record of reported political donations made by Attorney Kazarosian shows that she did not openly donate any money to any GOP candidate—not even to Charlie Baker. Instead, the 6-page report reads like a Democrat roll-call: Deval Patrick, Maura Healey, Tim Murray, Sal DiMasi, Robert DeLeo, Thomas Finneran, Martha Coakley, Thomas O’Reilly, Democartic Senate PAC and other various Democrat minions.

Now we have some sunlight showing why Governor Baker is a Never-Trumper—his philosophy proves to be: build a bigger and dirtier swamp. It is also evident that what Martin Healy really meant by change is the goal to deepen the liberal swamp, not make a change towards conservatism. Gee, the fact that Attorney Kazarosian was just a recent past president of the Massachusetts Bar Association would in no way bias Martin Healy as Chief Legal Counsel for the Massachusetts Bar Association.

Governor Baker continues to get his hand more and more soiled. As a result of grave and surmounting misconduct that has transpired since the time of the filing of the 2015 RICO complaint, I reported the new and compounding information to Governor Baker on December 1, 2016. I did so by faxing a formal complaint to his direct attention. This updated information also showed interrelated misconduct involving Thomas Barbar, Esq., as well.

In addition to Governor Baker, I also faxed the December 1, 2016 formal complaint separately and individually to: Karen Polito, Lt. Governor; Lon Povitch, Governor’s Chief Legal Counsel; and Sharon Shelfer Casey, Executive Director & Deputy Legal Counsel for the Supreme Judicial Court Nominating Commission.

I presume that people will not be surprised or shocked to know that I still have not received a response from Governor Baker or his agent/representative.

I am a believer in the old adage of never say things cannot get worse. Yes, it does because despite my presenting Governor Baker, on multiple occasions, with hard cold facts of Attorneys Marsha Kazarosian and Thomas Barbar engaging in the exploitation of my 89-year-old father, in late August of 2017 Governor Baker nominated Thomas Barbar, Esq. to sit as a Probate & Family Court judge in Middlesex County.  Within two months he was approved by the Governor’s Council. Talk about having the fox watch the hen house!

Readers may reply with comments to: classaction@belangerlawoffice.com. In addition, I have formally commenced a class action investigation regarding exploitation by court-appointed guardians and/or court-appointed conservators within the Massachusetts Probate & Family Courts. If you have experienced this, please help #ShineTheLight by providing information at:
www.belangerlawoffice.com/classaction/.  ♦

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    1. Note: My belief is that she sought to hire the most experienced, big-gun lawyer to support her efforts, at that time. With regret, that lawyer – upon seeing the prize – flipped and joined the opposing side within three months, and has since milked the estate for all she could get. Money. Money.

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