Kuhner Decimates Fraud Willy Weld -Live from Manchester

Former Mass. Governor William Weld who is running an attack campaign for president against Republican Donald Trump got his hat handed to him live, just moments ago on 680AM WRKO.

Host Jeff Kuhner called the gov to task, repeatedly noting how Weld has taken every anti-Republican position imaginable. Scheduled for 60 minutes, Weld’s handlers dragged him off the air, clipping the event before the bottom of the hour.

The episode was live streamed on WRKO. Go to their Facebook page!

We’ll put up some video of Weld’s handlers,  who huddled repeatedly, trying their best to put an end to the face off. Finally, they relented for another 10 minutes, but rushed out before the 30 min. Mark.

Here’s a picture of one of the handlers, mid-freakout, say, cut, cut!!!!!

Here’s a short clip which we’ve entitled “Weld Handler Mid-Freak-out”.


Jeff Kuhner had many questions that were left unanswered, including why Weld spent most of his money on consultants and lawyer friends?  More than $1.1 million of the $1.7 million he raised.

And what Weld would do now that he has on about $36,000 left, having spent the rest on travel and whatever, and not on campaigning (signs, ad buys, shirts, hell, anything!). He only spent a pittance on anything close to trying to get elected.

Kuhner called it as he saw it: Spoiler Weld is just in it to fraudulently get placement for his next gig after living off campaign money: a CNN or MSBC talking-head consultant!



3 Replies to “Kuhner Decimates Fraud Willy Weld -Live from Manchester

  1. Weld, Cellucci, Swift, Romney and Baker haven’t given Bay State Republicans a positive image among moderate to conservative voters. All of them played go along to get along with the selfish culture of Beacon Hill and in some cases were as uncaring as the Democrats. Then on the Democratic side we have Minnesota’s Sen. Amy stating that electing a non-politician as president hasn’t worked out. I guess Ms. Amy hasn’t heard that we have the best economy and lowest unemployment since LBJ was president. Then John Kerry endorsed creepy Biden. Kerry actually said that Biden will save the World after Mr. Trump’s foreign policy. Phony Kerry’s foreign policy as Sec. of State saw the Middle East turn into hate filled anarchy. Then Tom Steyer tries to identify with the working class by having tv commercials boasting of him being a real billionaire. Mike Bloomberg thinks that being rich is proof that he should buy his way into office. Mr. Trump is a breath of fresh air.

  2. The voters up in N.H. didn’t buy into Weld’s nonsense. The voters up in N.H. didn’t buy into the sexist, half truths and divisive rhetoric of Sen. Warren. I read in a national news site that Warren is trying to paint Bloomberg as being a racist. That’s what she and her followers are about. Labeling and name calling. She has produced nothing for Massachusetts as a senator. She told us she is poor, but is a multi-millionaire. She told us she is Cherokee, but is a WASP. Then in September we have little Joey Kennedy looking for his second real job by running for the U.S. Senate. He is even more unqualified than Warren. He is a clueless. wealthy joker who thinks it’s his right to be a U.S. Senator because he comes from a scandal ridden family that has been exploiting and marginalizing working class people for many decades.

  3. That was me in “meltdown” Nope. not excited for style of interview. Gov. Weld was having fun “sparring” but Jeff @TheKuhnerReport @WRKO680 kept talking waaay overtime denying @WKBKAM (Keene, NH) host Dan Mitchell out of time for sched informative interview. Kuhner knew, saw his producer but decided he’s just take the time for himself to score points in the crowded pro-Trump talk radio realm.
    Kuhner was doing wrong by a radio colleague.
    Certainly not collegial behavior.

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