Massachusetts Republican Assembly Calls on Governor to Oppose Extreme Abortion Bill

Massachusetts Republican Assembly calls on Legislature to oppose, Governor to veto anti-parent, pro-infanticide ROE bill.

Ripping apart children and their bonds with parents is gravely evil.


A new law being proposed in the Massachusetts legislature  (SD. 109) would have our state join New York and potentially other states in the most extreme pro-abortion stance possible.

The law would remove provisions of existing law which state it is illegal to obtain an abortion after 24 weeks. Current law also requires legal minors to get permission from their parents before obtaining an abortion.

Brian Kennedy, National Director for the Assembly responded: “NARAL Pro-Choice America believes the bill will break down barriers. They are wrong. It will break down family bonds and literally, physically and brutally break apart the tiny bodies of infants yet to be born.” He continued:

“I remember when a coworker of mine brought her newborn into work. She was so tiny she fit snugly into my arms, and I’m not a big guy. Bills like this would destroy an innocent, helpless child like that so brutally it would be an international offense to do it to a death row inmate. This bill is pure evil.”

Abortions obtained after 24 weeks are more brutal than most murders. D&E abortions require a child be ripped limb from limb with forceps. Induction abortions involve the injection of a toxin that causes cardiac arrest and then delivers the baby stillborn. This procedure is more dangerous and lengthy to a mother than an actual emergency delivery and cannot be medically justified over delivery.

Should this law pass, legal minors would be allowed to get these procedures without parental permission.

Mary Lou Daxland, President of the Assembly added “This is not a ‘reproductive health’ bill. It’s an extremist bill backed by a huge corporate industry built on the blood and organ sales of aborted children. If this law passes we will have top class medical facilities with 4D ultrasound where you can see your baby move in real time across the street from facilities where those babies are chopped into pieces. Is that what Massachusetts wants to be? A place where we know bouncing babies are in the womb but we savagely kill them anyway?”

This bill is immoral and unjustifiable. The legislature must oppose it. If it passes, the Governor must veto it. This isn’t an abortion bill. It’s a bill to split apart families and legalize infanticide.



4 Replies to “Massachusetts Republican Assembly Calls on Governor to Oppose Extreme Abortion Bill

  1. Nooo we di not want to fallow in New York’s abomination of a bill leave the law as is. Our babies yes babies need our protection , I had my first baby 3 months early , she came our crying ,breathing fully developed and a head full of hair ,,,no no no

  2. I am begging the people of Massachusetts to innundate Governor Baker with calls to oppose this bill of extreme infanticide. (617- 725 4005)

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