Jeffrey T. Kuhner: Elizabeth Warren Needs to Resign

Elizabeth Warren needs to resign

Fake Indian senator has committed fraud

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner


Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been scalped. The Washington Post, of all places, broke the bombshell story that on her 1986 Texas State bar registration card she wrote “American Indian” to describe her race. In other words, the Massachusetts Democrat has been exposed as a total fraud.

In the Post story, Warren now apologizes for having claimed Native American ancestry over many decades. Fauxcohontas says that only “tribal nations” can confer citizenship, and that she called the chief of the Cherokee Nation to personally apologize.

Yet, an apology is not enough—not even close. She engaged in blatant cultural appropriation and racial bigotry. Warren, a blue-eyed, blond-haired white woman, falsely claimed American Indian ethnicity, ancestry and heritage to advance her professional career.

Her entire public life is based on a lie. She claimed to be a Native American at the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Law School, the Association of American Law Schools and even on federal government affirmative action forms until 2004. The Harvard Crimson identified her as a “woman of color” and a “minority” in 1996. Harvard Law in 1998 publicly boasted that Warren was the school’s “first minority tenured faculty member.” If, as Warren now claims herself that only tribal nations can designate citizenship/ancestry, then the point is obvious: She had no business—no right—to claim Native American heritage. In short, she’s a fake Indian.

For decades, Warren claimed to be a minority because that was her ticket to success, advancement and promotion within academia. Moreover, she stole from minorities. Warren deliberately took jobs and positions that were set aside for Native Americans and other real minority groups. She committed a fraud upon the American Indian people, institutions of higher learning and “persons of color.” For her to argue that her presidential campaign is about “protecting minorities” from crony capitalism is beyond hypocritical. It’s a pathetic joke.

This is why her 2020 White House bid is finished. The Democratic Party, with its obsession over identity politics and race, will never nominate a phony Indian—especially, with other strong progressive candidates in the race, such as Sens. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders. In fact, her goose was cooked in the fall of 2018 after she released the DNA test results, ridiculously claiming it proved she had Native American ancestry. It revealed the very opposite: Warren is 1/1024th Native American—and that tiny sliver of a bloodline traces back to Indians from Peru; there was no link—none—to the Cherokee tribe. The test backfired; most white Americans have more Native American ancestry than Warren.

The local media should be ashamed. It was obvious to anyone with common-sense and half-a-brain that Warren was completely lying. Her entire “narrative”—that the claim to Native American ancestry was due to childhood family “folklore,” that her parents had to “elope” to avoid the racist wrath of the grandparents who objected to her father marrying a part-Cherokee Indian, and that her brothers and siblings all “believed” they were direct descendants of tribal Indians—had been fabricated. Basic reporting would have revealed it was a pack of lies. Instead, they desperately sought to cover-up the truth. The reason is simple: The Massachusetts media establishment is the communications arm of the Democratic Party. Their mission is not journalism, but propaganda.

What Warren did was more than unethical and immoral. It was illegal. And if it comes out that she also put down American Indian in her college financial aid applications, then she should go to prison. At a minimum, she should be disbarred for her fraudulent registration at the Texas state bar.

Warren is a con artist and a grifter, who perpetrated a hoax over 35 years to line her pockets and get fabulously rich. She is worth more than $20 million, has a $2.3 million mansion in Cambridge plus another lavish residence in Washington, D.C., has peddled several best-selling books and is one of the most recognizable senators in America. She’s done very well for herself. And she did it on the backs of the most vulnerable and marginalized group in our society: Native American Indians.

Her long con job has finally been unmasked. Warren has disgraced herself, her office and the voters of Massachusetts. She must resign. And if Warren refuses, then she should be impeached and expelled from the Senate. After all, she didn’t build that tee-pee.

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6:00-10:00 am EST. He can be reached at: jeffreykuhner@iheartmedia.com




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  1. She told us she was poor but really is a millionaire. She told us she was Cherokee but really is a WASP. In the 1980’s or 90’s she would be dismissed as untrustworthy. In modern day Massachusetts she is a U.S. Senator, If Scott Brown didn’t go Hollywood and paid attention to the Independents and moderate Democrats who elected him, then Warren would never have been elected. Our other U.S. Senator, Ed Markey has joined in with wacky Ocasio-Cortez’s bizarre plan. Markey has been elected close to half a century in Massachusetts. He has been in Congress since the Bicentennial year. His arrogance is legendary. This is what happens when 40% or more don’t vote.

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