2 Replies to “Scott Lively Speech Before MassGOP Convention – RIPS THE BARK OFF Charlie Baker

  1. Faker Baker is playing go along to get along at the State House. Massachusetts has the most scandal ridden state police force in the nation. All he and his underlings do to address this fact is to give rhetoric and small half-hearted measures. Massachusetts Attorney General Healey remains silent and sweeps under the rug these issues. Instead of Baker being a voice for law and fairness, he goes along with the deeply corrupt way our state government is being run. Massachusetts has the lowest rated child and family services in the nation. Despite having an excise tax, we still have the quality of our bridges and roads in the lowest rankings in the nation.

  2. Those who complain and rarely if ever vote share much of the blame for the corrupt way our state is being run. Every neighborhood has the complainers who lament over the way government works. Yet on election day they avoid the polling stations. We have suburbs that average between 3 to 12 percent voter turnout at Spring town elections.

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