SPECIAL SECTION: Why Vote for Republican State Committee Candidates? – Mass Republican Assembly Candidates




Why Vote for Republican State Committee Candidates?

by Lonnie Brennan

In addition to the presidential candidates, the March 3rd ballot will feature candidates for the Massachusetts Republican State Committee.

In this special section of the paper we showcase a few of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly (“The Republican Wing of the Republican Party”)members who are running for State Committee. If you want to support President Trump, if you want to bring a rebirth to the Republican Party in Massachusetts, or if you are really just sick and tired of tax-raising so-called Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, then vote for one of the candidates listed here.

Chuckles Baker will be spending at least another million dollars (like he did four years ago) trying to destroy the Republican Party from within, stuffing the governing board (State Committee) with flunkies, toadies, and liberals. Basically, Baker seeks to stuff the committee with the same crowd that under his puppet, former Chair Kirsten Hughes, gave a free pass to 80% of the Beacon Hill Democrat candidates, and failed to gain a single seat in the Legislature.

We can have a real Republican Party supporting Donald Trump, not supporting crazy Liz Warren in Massachusetts. But it begins with creating a real Republican State Committee and that means one that is not controlled by a Baker puppet.

Remember, Baker is an anti-Trumper, inflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome. He refused to endorse Trump. He refused to support Trump. He refused to allow the Republican State Committee field offices to display Trump signs, nor hand out Trump literature.

Remember, if Charlie Baker had his way, Hillary Clinton would be president.


Kathleen Lynch


First Middlesex
Senatorial District

Westford, Lowell, Groton, Pepperell, Tyngsborough, and Dunstable

The strength of the Republican Party in Massachusetts will ultimately stem from its leadership – from those tasked to set the vision and do what is required to follow the vision successfully. There has been a lack of leadership within the Republican Party as evidenced by the low number of Republicans within the state Legislature: 32 out of 160 representatives and 5 out of 40 senators are Republican. With the recent election of Jim Lyons as the new Massachusetts Republican Party chair and the reorganization of the Party, we have a tremendous opportunity to renew the Republican Party.

I am running for Republican state committeewoman to contribute to a new, results-oriented vision that builds the strength of the Republican Party and increases the number of Republicans running for state Legislature and other municipal seats.

Part of what is urgently needed is the growth of statewide Republican city and town committees as well as growth of the voter base who will elect Republicans.

Messaging will be key to our success. Voters need to understand the urgent need for opposition to a dangerous, liberty-sapping, one-party rule in Massachusetts. Republican leaders are needed to ensure that our government upholds the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and rule of law. Republican leaders with integrity are needed to get behind law-abiding citizens who wish to live freely and peaceably while not infringing upon the rights of others.

My professional and political experience will enable me to hit the ground running once elected. My professional experience includes work in government, private industry, and as an entrepreneur with expertise in publications, marketing, advertising, coaching, and leadership. Politically, as chairwoman of the Westford Republican Town Committee, 2018 candidate for state representative, 2018 state convention delegate, and trained activist who continuously fights for Republican causes and candidates, I feel well prepared to represent the First Middlesex District as Republican state committeewoman.

I intend to regularly visit Republican city and town committees in the district and beyond because it is important to understand and respond to the needs of these committees and the citizens they represent. I will help provide guidance, training, communication, and resources needed to help these committees grow and increase their ability to recruit and elect quality Republican candidates for every level of government. I will support efforts to increase transparency, participation, and effectiveness in order to serve the interests of Republicans in Massachusetts.

I ask you to select the Republican ballot for the Presidential Primary on March 3rd 2020 and vote Kathy Lynch for Republican State Committeewoman. Please consider volunteering and making a financial contribution. I may be reached by email:, phone: 978-496-8064, website: or Facebook: VoteKathyLynch. ♦


Brian Genest

Second Essex & Middlesex
Senatorial District

As chairman of the Dracut Republican Town Committee and the Republican state committeeman representing Andover, Dracut, Lawrence and Tewksbury, I’m working hard to support our Party chairman, local committees and grassroots candidates. We must defeat the radical Democrats and their anti-America agenda.

I’m energized and Republicans in my district are energized by the election of our friend, Jim Lyons, as chairman of the MassGOP. I’m thrilled to be a part of Jim’s team and to serve as a strong conservative voice to support him in his new leadership role. I want to be sure Jim has support for his initiatives to build the Party and turn them into long-term gains. Like Jim, I’m a conservative. Like Jim, I don’t apologize for it. Like Jim, I love to beat Democrats and have a great time doing it.

One of the ways to help defeat Democrats is to support our local Republican city and town committees. As a state committeeman, I’m serving as a liaison to our local committees. I attend the committee meetings in the four communities in my district, to understand what’s happening in each town, including the issues we have in common, the issues that are unique and the individual needs of each committee.

As a state committeeman, I’m also working to support our Republican candidates and causes. We must build the Party and focus on the issues that unite us, working together to stop the destruction being done by Democrats. On the national level, we’ve witnessed an irrational campaign to impeach President Trump based on 100% feelings and 0% fact. Democrats want to enact socialist policies that would destroy the strongest economy in history!

At the state level, one-party rule has led to waste, fraud and abuse, hiding a culture of corruption behind a shroud of secrecy. The Democrats on Beacon Hill are in favor of infanticide, in favor of making Massachusetts a Sanctuary State and in favor of making every man, woman and child dependent on government from cradle to grave.

Democrats elected to enforce our laws not only defy them, they are fighting to get rid of them — and they are advocating for illegal aliens instead of legal citizens.

It’s up to all of us to change it. Let’s work together for the common good. Let’s support our chairman, committees and candidates. Let’s make the MassGOP great again!
BrianGenest/        ♦

Jeralyn (Jeri) Levasseur

First Essex Senatorial District

Amesbury, Haverhill, Merrimac, Methuen, Newburyport, N. Andover (precincts 1, 2, 3, 4) and Salisbury

My name is Jeri Levasseur and I am from Haverhill. I believe we live in a time which calls for a strong two-party system to create checks and balances. We should never be under one-party rule, or a socialist form of government.

I have been trained by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership as a political activist and been diligently working for candidates over the years. I most recently worked on the campaign to elect Republican Geoff Diehl to the U.S. Senate.

I am the president of the MA Republican Assembly, Chapter 6, and have developed a well-organized and effective political group of men and women. I was also the vice president of The Merrimack Valley North Shore Women for the Future, Republican Women’s group.

I retired from Mass. General Hospital in Boston where I operated in administration. I spent over 20 years working at MGH and her sister facility, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, with a total of 40 years in the healthcare profession in leadership roles. I will bring those management skills with me if I am elected to this position.

I am very proud of our extensive military family where all branches of the U.S. Armed Services are covered. I am the daughter of an Office of Strategic Services, WWII veteran who was called back to Korea. My husband, Robert, served with the Air Force in Vietnam and my stepson, Eric, was a Marine Security Guard (MSG protecting U.S. embassies, our diplomats and foreign VIPs).

I am a Region I Leader for Wreaths across America, working diligently selling wreaths from January to November to help cover the graves in Arlington National Cemetery for the Christmas and Hanukkah season. Our military, veterans and Gold Star families are very important to me. This is a tiny way to give something back to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and provided for my freedoms.

I am a member of the National Rifle Association and a strong advocate for the Second Amendment. I also have a seat as a member of Representative Lenny Mirra’s gun violence working group. We meet with members on both sides of this issue. I am also a pro-life conservative and an outspoken opponent of the Roe Act.

My large family is also made up of police and law enforcement members, and my grandfather was a Worcester firefighter. We all perform service to others.

My job, if elected, will be to work with Chairman Jim Lyons building our Republican Party. The state committeewoman must be visible, active and always available to her Republican town/city committees, along with her elected officials in the First Essex District.  ♦


Tod Taylor

Middlesex & Suffolk Senatorial District

My name is Todd Taylor. I am a life-long Republican who grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Barry Goldwater was the most prominent Republican at the time in Arizona and he became a hero to me. I moved to Massachusetts in 1995 to attend Brandeis University for a Ph.D. in history. I soon discovered that academia would not be an easy road for a conservative like me and so I abandoned my academic career.

While I was deciding what to do with my life, I got a job at a hospitality staffing agency as a waiter and bartender so I could pay the bills. Three years later, I had worked my way up from a temp to management and finally to become owner of the company. I still own and operate KSM Staffing today.

In 2013 I received a postcard inviting me to a meeting of the Chelsea Republican City Committee and I soon joined. In January of 2014 I filed to run for state representative in the 16th Suffolk District. I won two out of three cities, but I lost the race.

In 2015 I became the state committeeman for the Middlesex and Suffolk District by caucus when Michael Cowett moved to the South Shore. I was elected by a 2 to 1 margin in 2016 over a candidate backed and funded by Charlie Baker. At the first State Committee meeting of 2017, I was elected regional chair by my peers and took a seat on the Executive Committee of the MassGOP.

I fought long and hard on the State Committee for conservative policies and platform, but it was difficult while we had a chair who had no intention of growing the Party or competing with Democrats electorally. After the crushing defeats we suffered in the 2018 gubernatorial elections, Kirsten Hughes had to resign as chair.

I was part of a small group of State Committee members responsible for creating a consensus on the committee to elect our current chairman, Jim Lyons. Jim gave me the responsibility to head up our statewide door-knocking campaign, which we started last summer and will continue next spring. I will be conducting training sessions regionally across the state during the winter months for city and town committee members to join our efforts so that we can finally grow our Party and start winning elections. I am also a member of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly and joined their statewide board of directors last year. This past November I was elected to the Chelsea City Council. Chelsea only has 5% Republicans.  ♦


Regina Taylor


Middlesex & Suffolk Senatorial District

My name is Regina Taylor. I was born in Dublin, Ireland and came to this country in 1994 as a legal resident. During my time in Boston, I worked very hard to support myself in the hospitality industry, which led to my current profession in wine sales. I married my husband, Todd Taylor, in 2002 and we have two beautiful children, Alanna and Finn. I became an American citizen in 2016 and immediately joined the Republican Party. It was my privilege to cast my very first vote for President Donald Trump!

I have always been conservative. I saw how socialism negatively affected my country with generations of people on the dole with no hope of change. America was a place where if you wanted to work and succeed, you could achieve your dreams. I certainly have. As an immigrant who came to this country legally and waited in line to become an American citizen, I resent how others have jumped the line. I resent even more how the Democrats have protected dangerous criminal elements who hide in their Sanctuary Cities.

I have watched my husband Todd fight for conservatism both in Chelsea and in the Republican Party and I have supported him all the way. I now want to help him as a member of the State Committee. I am also a member of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly. I am committed to conservatism and I pledge to work hard and long until we can grow the Republican Party and turn Massachusetts from blue to red.    ♦


Ryan A. Hawkes


First Essex Senatorial District

Ryan is a native son of Newburyport, Mass., having spent most of his life living in Newburyport and the surrounding communities of Salisbury and Amesbury. Ryan has been a registered Republican his entire voting life of over 16 years and has volunteered for countless Republican campaigns across the commonwealth, ranging from federal, statewide, state Legislature, and local municipal offices. Ryan is a current member of the North Andover Republican Town Committee and a former long-time member of the Newburyport Republican City Committee. Ryan has been a Republican activist working with candidates and elected officials in and outside of the First Essex District. He has worked with several federal campaigns, including Scott Brown for U.S. Senate to Jon Golnik for U.S. Congress, as well as Geoff Diehl for U.S. Senate. He also served as field director for Jay McMahon for Attorney General this past year. Ryan has volunteered for several Republican state House and Senate campaigns across the commonwealth, as well as municipal races for mayor, city council, and school committee, supporting candidates who share our Republican values.

Ryan is running for Republican state committeeman for the First Essex Senatorial District, which will be decided on the day of the presidential primary on March 3rd, 2020. Ryan believes that under new leadership in the Massachusetts Republican Party and a renewed commitment to strengthening and building our city and town committees, the Republican voters of the First Essex deserve a committeeman dedicated to grassroots activism by building and maintaining strong and active city and town committees supportive of all Republican ideas and principles, not least of all the re-election of President Donald Trump in November of 2020. Ryan is a dedicated, young, and enthusiastic candidate who has a proven track record of delivering results for and service to the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Please support and vote for Ryan A. Hawkes for Republican state committeeman on March 3rd in the cities and towns of Newburyport, Amesbury, Salisbury, Merrimac, Methuen, Haverhill, and Precincts 1,2,3,4 of North Andover. You can follow updates from the campaign at as well as  ♦


Steve Tougas


Norfolk & Plymouth
Senatorial District

I am sick and tired of the one-party rule of our state Legislature by the Democrats who seek to make Massachusetts and the nation into a socialist country that the Founders who fought and died to establish never intended. This is because liberty and socialism are diametrically opposed, as every democracy that became a socialist government has eventually failed miserably.

I became a Republican activist to defend our republic, because if we don’t do politics, politics will continue to do us. I have therefore supported Republican candidates with my time, energy and money, and currently serve as the elected chairman of my ward in Quincy.

When no one else would, I stepped up and ran for state representative against the Democratic majority whip in office since 1991, and received 31.2% of the vote for my first time.

We need a Republican Party that ranks conservative values and liberty first, not last. We also need to replace those on the State Committee who voted to go-along/get-along and waste 96% of what the MassGOP took in for donations on overhead, with only 2% going to candidates, of which I received none for my state rep campaign.

We need a State Committee that will fight for us, not for the party elite! I am a lifelong Republican and liberty activist serving on several Republican state boards, and I would appreciate your vote on March 3, 2020 to serve and fight for you as your Republican state committeeman.  ♦


Catherine White


Third Middlesex
Senatorial District

Massachusetts was once the hotbed of liberty; a commonwealth where tyranny was recognized, understood, fought, and finally defeated. Many of our towns – my town of Lexington included – have statues in prominent locations, dedicated to the memory of our fight for liberty. Our nation was founded on ground-breaking principles: that sovereign power lies in the people, not the government; that all of mankind are equal in rights which are the gift of our Creator; that the only proper function of government is to protect the rights given to us by our Creator; and that government must stay close to the people to be guided and controlled by the people, lest it turn to tyranny. Those principles have been ignored and demeaned, liberty has eroded, and tyranny and intolerance have been allowed to grow. The proper functions of government have run amok, hurting the very people and communities that programs claimed they were there to help.

The Massachusetts Republican Party has been unable to stop the encroachment of community-destroying programs because of the lack of elected representatives to fight those battles. For years, too much attention has been paid to high-profile offices – to the detriment of lower-level offices where a real impact could have been made. New leadership at MassGOP will address this problem by supporting candidates for offices at levels where they can make an impact.

My goals are to help MassGOP in this endeavor. To help our Party’s candidates to understand and to stand firm on our principles. To promote smaller and more responsive government – a servant and not a master. To work for greater opportunity and freedom for every citizen of Massachusetts. And to help spread understanding of the great heritage and foundation of this country.   ♦


Linda Zuern


Plymouth & Barnstable Senatorial District

Linda, a teacher with a Masters in Education from Lesley College, has been self-employed since 1987, founding a learning center and running a small, private school in Bourne as a co-director.

Since Linda moved to Bourne in 1984, she has been involved in town government. She is presently serving as the Bourne representative on the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates. She previously served as a selectman, library trustee, School Committee member and vice chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Linda has been a Bourne Republican Town Committee (BRTC) member since 2013, serving as vice chairman since 2016. She has also been a Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA) member since 2013, serving as the president of Chapter 9 for several years.

Linda has been constantly involved in political issues. She co-organized a second slate on the ballot for the Bourne RTC in 2016, with nineteen of the twenty candidates elected.

She testified at a hearing against Common Core, successfully worked with a citizens group to defeat a town override, worked for the “Tank the Gas Tax” ballot initiative, and co-organized rallies against bringing illegals to the Otis Air Base.

Since 2018, she has spear-headed the Bourne Cares citizens group, submitting an article on town meeting floor to ban marijuana retail shops. The ban passed and was withheld a year later this past October.

Recently she worked on the “Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion” initiative and is vocally against the recent abortion bill, which she calls the “baby killing bill.” She attends public meetings to voice her concern regarding the Climate Change hoax initiated by the UN and the outrageous carbon tax bill supported by State Senator Julian Cyr.

Linda has actively supported several candidates, including Vinny deMacedo, David Vieira, Mark Alliegro, Geoff Diehl, Ted Cruz, Leo Cakounes and Jay McMahon. She supports Sheriff Cummings’ ICE program at the Barnstable County Jail. Mostly, she is a huge supporter of President Trump, having co-organized Trump standouts at various locations and attending the August N.H. Trump rally.

Linda, candidate for state committeewoman for the Plymouth/Barnstable District, supports Jim Lyons of the GOP, conservative values, and candidates who have true Republican values. The GOP needs real Republican candidates, especially opposing every far-left, socialist Democrat running for office, and representing true constitutional, moral, American values.

Facebook page:
Linda Zuern State
Committeewoman    ♦


Brian Kennedy


First Plymouth & Bristol
Senatorial District

Brian lived in Wareham as a child and moved to Taunton as a teenager. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in management from Bryant University in 2007.

Brian has served as national director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly for four years, and now serves as president of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly. Former candidate for State Committee (2016), Taunton City Council (2013), and Taunton School Committee (2011). Served as campaign manager for Steinhof for Congress (MA-4) (2012).

Strong conservative. Pro-life. Pro-marriage. Pro-Trump. Wants the Republican Party to support strong principles and have a more energetic, youthful representation.   ♦


Earl H. Sholley

Norfolk, Bristol, and
Middlesex Senatorial District

Hello fellow conservatives. I am running for State Committee for my third and final term. I am a firm believer in term limits. Professional politicians and bureaucrats are the bane of us all. The original intention of elected office was public service, and not personal enrichment. It is time to drain the D.C. swamp once again.

I am focused on reviving the Massachusetts GOP, registering new Republicans, recruiting candidates who want to effect change, and to comport our state platform to our national Republican ideals with a strong emphasis on the Right to Life and Limited Government.

I believe in the Vince Lombardi model – the best defense is a good offense. We must challenge Democrats on their pervasive corruption, lack of common-sense ideas, and their spendthrift policies at every opportunity. As Republican Senator Everett Dirksen once said: “When they feel the heat, they will see the light.”

I am a graduate of the University of Scranton (1970) with a B.S. in history, and the University of Massachusetts (1978), with a B.S. in plant & soil sciences. I also studied at the University of Madrid, Spain (1968-1969). I am a veteran of the U.S. Army (1972-1975) where I was a tank commander & armor instructor, attaining the rank of sergeant. I received many awards for leadership, training, marksmanship, physical training, and management. I trained Army & Marine Corps personnel.

I have worked in the areas of race relations and equal opportunity, advocacy for fathers and families, and legal reform. I was a delegate-alternate to the Republican National Convention (1996 San Diego) and a delegate to several state conventions. I am a graduate of the Leadership Academy Radio Broadcast School, and a graduate of the Massachusetts Senate’s Legislative Seminar.

I successfully started three businesses which include a retail garden and flower shoppe and Grass Roots Lawn and Landscape Company. I am the current owner of Paladin Petitions, providing candidates and ballot committees with professional expertise.

In 2000 and 2002 I ran against Senator Cheryl Jacques, winning 40% of the vote in 2002. She resigned her seat in 2003. I ran against then Representative Scott Brown in a Special Primary Election for state Senate. In 2008 I ran against U.S. Representative Barney Frank, and in 2010 I lost the 4th Congressional District Republican Primary to Sean Bielat. I was elected Republican state committeeman during the Presidential Primary on March 6, 2012.

I, professionally and as a volunteer, have collected tens of thousands of signatures to end the Mass. state income tax, reduce the sales tax, preserve traditional marriage, promulgate a presumption of shared custody, provide for budget transparency, and to make the state Legislature a part-time legislative body. I have lobbied extensively for Child Protection Services reform, divorce reform, legal reform, judicial accountability, the election of judges, equal rights for fathers, and parental rights. I have also given testimony on numerous issues before various legislative committees and the Governor’s Council.

My duty as a state committeeman is to grow the Republican Party, and help the GOP become the new majority on Beacon Hill. For too long we were the Democrat Lite Party. It is time we become a true Opposition Party. I am happy to report that we are finally moving in that direction. We are the Party of ideas, freedom, and individual responsibility. The Impeachment Party is not fit to lead. They are the party of corruption, potholes, and the endless gravy train.

I fully support Jim Lyons, our courageous and very capable new Party chairman, and our great President Donald J. Trump. In 2020, my first priority is to re-elect the president. My second priority is to defeat Democrats and elect Republicans to the Massachusetts Legislature.

I have fought the good fight for less government, fewer taxes, and term limits for many years. I believe that the proper role of government is to maintain security and protect equal rights. “The best government is the least intrusive and least harmful.” The opposite is true in Massachusetts. I will continue to fight for Life, Liberty, and Limited Government. Please give me your vote, your financial support, and join our campaign to end the State of Mass. Confusion.

Earl Henry Sholley
PO Box 76
Norfolk, MA 02056
Cell 508 699-3334  ♦


Andrea St. Germain

Cape & Islands
Senatorial District

My dad, a retired Air Force veteran, serving in WWII and the Korean War, challenged me with these words: “If you’re not part of the solution, are you part of the problem?” Nothing like your father holding up a mirror and making you look at the image.

Self-evaluation is necessary if the MassGOP is going to be a good strong Party and part of the future of Massachusetts and America.

I look forward to being elected as the state committeewoman for Cape Cod and the Islands. I believe we would benefit from new leadership to turn Massachusetts into a two-party state again. Standing in the shadow of the ruling Democrats is not the way to help our commonwealth or country. We Republicans, as conservative activists, must stand tall and work together. Proudly recall our rock-solid values. Together we can recruit those in the middle. Sitting on the fence is a position of nullity or no position. Working to make this Party a people that holds this country together. Stand strong. Be proud of your values without incurring resentment. Together our Party can turn the tide. Together we can encourage membership. Together we can stand strong. Guiding leadership is key. Freedom and liberty are not the total embodiment  of principles. Freedom and liberty require responsibility. Our political culture that reflects ideals for the greater good of all is important. Together we can be a force of positive energy.

We must act in the living present and demonstrate real Republican reform. We must pick up our torch and pass it on to the next generation. Winning on Election Primary Day on the first Tuesday in March is not the end goal; it is the beginning of our future together.

As a member of the Dennis/Yarmouth Regional School Committee and a retired teacher, I know that great curriculum and innovative lesson plans make for successful outcomes for students. What we do together must be a game changer. Students in college and high schools must have the opportunity to hear a true message. Defending the right to be heard is crucial. The understanding that disagreement should not be oppositional. I object to the anti-Semitism and anti-Catholic philosophy on college campuses. Freedom of speech is our right. I may not agree with you, but we must defend the right to free speech which has turned into hate speech.

Defending the rights of all pre-born and elderly is important to me. The negative force of the culture of death that has encompassed our American society is detrimental. Life is a value we all should share and defend.

Ken St. Germain, a Vietnam era veteran, is my husband of 42 years. We live in Yarmouth and we share the pro-life belief. Thirty years ago, we traveled to Poland together and adopted two children. Today we are the proud grandparents of four wonderful grandchildren. Each January I try to travel to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life, and am the chair of the Cape Cod Chapter of Massachusetts Citizens for Life.

I echo the sentiment of Adam Lange of Brewster, also running for State Committee, that together we can make Cape and the Islands Republican Strong with decisive leadership. Remember, “You have much to gain with St. Germain.”
508-362-5891     ♦

Anthony M. Ventresca

4th Middlesex
Senatorial District

Billerica, Burlington, Woburn, Arlington, Lexington (Precincts 1-4,7)

My name is Anthony M. Ventresca and I am a candidate for Republican state committeeman in the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary. I am currently the chairman of the Billerica RTC, as well as senior vice president of the VFW Auxiliary Solomon Post 8819. I have served on the town of Billerica Finance Committee for 10 years (chairman from July 2015-June 2016), and been a Billerica Town Meeting member for 16 years (precinct captain for precinct 9 in Billerica). I formerly served as the state committeeman for 4th Middlesex from May 2011 through March 2016. The role of the State Committee is to steer the Party, support and organize the local city and town committees, and to most importantly identify, recruit, equip, and support candidates to run for office in the district. I believe my experience and conservative views are exactly what we need.

I seek to apply my learnings and accomplishments in Billerica and expand them to our district in order to build upon the great work started by our current chairman, Jim Lyons, as we expand our message across the commonwealth while growing our Party.

I have been involved in politics and political activism since childhood, during elementary school, with humble beginnings assisting my father helping candidates. I have been an integral part of multiple successful campaigns, collecting signatures for local candidates such as State Representative Marc Lombardo, Selectmen Mike Rosa, Dan Burns, John Piscatelli and School Committee members Darlene Torre and Annette Famolare. I also served as campaign manager for Darlene Torre in 2017. I am a constant, on multiple campaigns, to collect signatures and help get out the vote efforts in Billerica, including helping with multiple statewide ballot initiatives such as Repeal of Common Core, Repeal the Automatic Gas Tax (Question 1 on the 2014 ballot – town captain), Say No to Mandatory Nurse Staffing (Question 1 on the 2018 ballot), and state and national candidates like the Diehl for U.S. Senate race (town captain). I served as the campaign manager for a local ballot initiative in November of 2012 when we overturned an act of Town Meeting in order to prevent massive overspending proposed to redesign Billerica center.

While on the State Committee I saw first-hand the lack of leadership in challenging the liberal socialist agenda. While I, along with a few others, tried, we just did not have the votes at the Party level. Myself and others then went to get good Republicans elected in our districts. We grew our RTCs and RCCs. We had candidates run for local, state, and congressional offices in our districts. In the last four years during my absence, our RTCs/ RCCs in my district have shrunk. We have not had viable candidates running. I am running again to help our current chairman, Jim Lyons, grow our Party at the state and local level and to take on the liberal socialist agenda. The taxpayers of this commonwealth are not being treated fairly and the only way that changes is to make this a two-party state. Chairman Lyons has the right plan to do just that and he needs my help to implement his plan.

I respectfully request your support in my bid for state committeeman in the 4th Middlesex District. I hope you will vote for me on Super Tuesday, March 3, 2020.  ♦

Susan Huffman


First Middlesex & Norfolk Senatorial District

I am one of two elected Republican officials in the city of Newton. I have been on the board of the Newton Upper Falls Area Council since its inception in 2012 and have continuously served as the treasurer. (They know that they can trust a Republican to watch over the funds.)☺ In addition, I continue to serve as vice chairman of the Newton Republican City Committee, Newton Ward 5 chairman, a founding board member of the Newton 9-11 Memorial Committee, the Friends of the Hemlock Gorge and I’ve also served on the Upper Falls Greenway Committee of the city of Newton. And I’ve been a member of the Boston Beanstalks Tall Club since 1988, where I’ve held many of the elected offices for multiple years. I am currently the treasurer and am a member of the Robert Austin Memorial Scholarship Committee where we award a college scholarship to a worthy, tall, graduating high school senior.

I was honored by both the Boston Beanstalks Tall Club and Tall Clubs International by being named their Lifetime Achievement Award winner by each of these organizations.

I also helped start a campaign to get a neighborhood school in Upper Falls. While this school effort is temporarily unsuccessful, we at least got the conversation started. In 2015 I ran for School Committee and received approx. 33% of the vote. This last municipal election in 2019, I was the campaign treasurer for a candidate for School Committee. Unfortunately, he did not make it either.

I have been a Republican my whole life, born in down-state Illinois, and then raised in Texas (where I was one of the Goldwater Girls) until I came here to Massachusetts in 1988. George H.W. Bush gave his first speech in his first winning campaign on the back of one of my dad’s trucks, and he then became our congressman. I was a member of the Stephen F Austin State University Young Republicans in the early ’70s. I was a delegate to the Texas Young Republican Convention in Dallas in 1972.

Upon arriving in Massachusetts, I went into political hiding for almost 20 years, thinking that I was the only Republican in the state outside of my husband, Jan. When my daughter saw a stack of ID cards that showed he was “a contributing member of the Republican Party” – which he explained to her was for his membership in a subversive organization – I just had to marry him.

Twenty years went by and then in 2008 I saw an ad in the local paper (put there by a local Democrat) about a committee forming to fight a Prop. 2 1/2 Override. So we went to that meeting and I discovered that there really and truly were other Republicans in Newton. So now I am an “out-of-the-closet Republican.”

I have worked on multiple campaigns over the past almost dozen years, held signs and worked for too-many candidates and causes to name.

In addition to my community activities, professionally I continue to be the business manager for a consulting firm where I’ve been for the last 31 years.

I am running for state committeewoman because I want to end one-party rule in Massachusetts. With enrollment in our Party at a scant 11%, what we have been doing in the past is simply not working. We need new strategies and bold new ideas to bring our Party back to the status it once enjoyed. We need to energize our base and work to win elections at every level, from School Committee to governor. All good Republican candidates at all levels deserve consideration for the financial support of the Party. ♦

Adam Lange


Cape & Islands
Senatorial District

Adam Lange is a second-generation Brewster resident, Adam is vice chair of the Brewster RTC, is married with one son who recently achieved the rank of lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, and another son who is a senior at Nauset Regional High School and was sworn into the U.S. Marine Corps via the delayed enlistment program.

It should be no shock that Barnstable County had the highest percentage of Trump voters of any county in Massachusetts. The demographics of our community support a solid conservative base, even if it’s a minority. Trump earned over 54,000 votes in Barnstable County alone. What I’ve found shocking has been the lack of Republican leadership and a conservative vision for the Cape & Islands that has resulted in radically liberal Democrats like Julian Cyr implementing their vision for our community unimpeded.

This is the frustration felt by many Cape & Islands conservatives. Some have left the Republican Party altogether. Others still remain, but are no longer active. Their explanation is common. They feel the current leadership does not represent them, and is no longer their voice. Common-sense conservatives in our community, mostly blue-collar workers, feel the local Republican leadership has sold them out, and no longer creates value. Harsh words, right? One retired sea captain described it as, “The ship is adrift. Nobody is at the helm.”

What these conservatives are experiencing to make them feel sold-out by the Republican Party is the onslaught of liberal policies being implemented in their local community that conflict with their values, while the local Republican leadership stays silent.

I, like many Cape & Islands conservatives, am fed up with losing ground to radical liberal policies that do not accurately represent our community. We are tired of Republican leaders who refuse to defend our conservative values, fearful of losing votes. Similar to Flight 93, I would rather fight and try to wrestle control of the cockpit than face the inevitable of losing our community to liberal lunatics, if nothing is done.

My promise to Cape & Islands conservative voters is to be your voice on local issues that represent your values and impact your families. I will listen to you, form a conservative vision for the Cape & Islands, and hold Republican elected officials accountable to implement it. When Republicans create value in the eyes of our conservative base, we can re-engage them and attract new candidates to a winning team. If we stand and fight, we can debunk liberal initiatives that threaten our way of life, and weaken Democrat candidates by doing so.

I have no political experience or ambitions. What you see is what you get. I have a track record of giving conservatives a voice in our local community. Google me. I am willing to put in the effort and take the slings and arrows from the left. What I’m not willing to do is continue the retreat. I have 30 years of implementing change in hostile corporate environments. I believe we can make the Cape & Islands conservative again with your support and my leadership, and ask for your vote for Cape & Islands Republican state committeeman in March.

508 237 9373    ♦

Robert Aufiero



5th Middlesex
Senatorial District

Malden, Melrose, Reading,
Stoneham, Wakefield and
Winchester (pcts. 1, 2, 3 & 8)

I am running for re-election as state committeeman in the 5th Middlesex District and I am recommitting myself to building our Republican Party from the ground up. Through district-wide events, supporting local candidates and advocating for resources to support local city and town committees, I have sought to help grow the Party. More work is needed to strengthen our district. I look forward to recruiting candidates and helping to elect them, as well as attracting new members to our local committees. Our Party should be proud to be pro-life, pro-liberty and foster prosperity. I can think of no other way to do that than through constitutional conservatism.   ♦


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