Stop Newton Sanctuary City: Info From Mass. Taxpayer Best Ally PAC

Massachusetts Taxpayer Best Ally PAC  
Formerly Stop Automatic Gas Tax Hikes 

 Oh No!

On Wednesday, we wrote to you about the effort to make Brockton a sanctuary city.  We have been able to get the City Council to postpone the decision for several months now.  They are hoping we will go away.  We won’t.  

Now the city of Newton is trying to sneak through a measure to make that city a sanctuary for illegals!  This vote is coming quick while people are focused on the inaugural of Donald Trump.  

They are trying to ram it on January 18.   Will you help us try to stop it?  

Here are the Newton city councilors to call:  

 Allan Ciccone 617-965-2690*

Scott Lennon 617-584-5723*

Alison Leary 617-527-1182

Susan Albright 617-527-7108

Jake Auchincloss 617-835-9895

Emily Norton 617-795-0362

James Cote 508-983-4535*

Ted Hess-Mahan 508-847-4855

Barbara Brousal-Glaser 857-256-0646

Amy Sangiolo 617-969-0677

Lenny Gentile 617-964-5254

Jay Harney 617-519-5133

Deb Crossley 617-775-1294

Brian Yates 617-244-2601*

John Rice 617-332-5827*

Victoria Danberg 617-969-1756

Greg Schwartz 617-396-4160

Richard Blazer 617-527-1629

Marc Laredo 617-527-9889

Ruthanne Fuller 617-738-5311

Lisle Baker 617-566-3848

Richard Lipof 617-332-8909 x24

David Kalis 617-504-3301*

Cheryl Lappin 617-244-9226 

Last year due to all of our calls we stopped the loophole granting licenses for illegal immigrants.  Let’s ring these phones off the hook.  No more sanctuary cities in Massachusetts.


Thank you!!!  

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