The 603 Alliance: New Hampshire Seeking Mass. Help

by Ted Tripp

The Boston Broadside previously published articles featuring New Hampshire’s
603 Alliance, which aims to help voters rather than the Establishment GOP
choose the Republican Presidential nominee in 2016. The 603 Alliance is composed
of experienced, diverse and enterprising New Hampshire political leaders,
including former party leaders and elected officials.

The plan is to steer public opinion before the N.H. Republican Primary towards
one of the many talented conservative candidates through a caucus process. The
organizers hope that a single, strong conservative candidate will emerge from the
caucus that will go on to influence other Republican voters in the state prior to
the February 2016 election. This should counter the Republican establishment’s
usual efforts to maneuver the voters towards a moderate such as Jeb Bush or a
Chris Christie. This happened in past elections when N.H. voters picked John
McCain and Mitt Romney in the primaries.

The 603 Alliance held its most recent volunteer training seminar on Tuesday,
August 11th, on the campus of Saint Anselm’s College, Institute of Politics, in
Manchester. Volunte

ers from all over New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine
The first-ever Caucus – the “603 Alliance Grassroots Presidential Selection
(GPS) Caucus” – will take place on Saturday, October 17th at the Hopkinton
Fairgrounds, 392 Kearsarge Ave, Contoocook, N.H. (The same location used for
the Hopkinton State Fair.)

The 603 Alliance GPS Caucus will be very critical to us all, including those
outside of New Hampshire. The Caucus is intentionally positioned in advance
of New Hampshire’s February fi rst-in-the-nation Presidential Primary, always
instrumental in deciding the GOP candidate for the presidential elections. Very
possibly, the GPS Caucus will even shape the primary process for Iowa, South
Carolina and the rest of the country to select an electable conservative – one
whom we will ALL back!

Primary Integrity 101. New Hampshire Needs Us!

The 603 Alliance needs volunteers to help with the Caucus event. Since New
Hampshire Republicans will be actively caucusing and voting, the 603 Alliance
needs Massachusetts and other states to help.

Recalling the Fisher vs. Baker Convention debacle, we in Massachusetts experienced
electioneering first-hand. Therefore, Massachusetts conservatives would
be ideal Caucus monitors and helpers to oversee the process and to protect the
Caucus integrity. Diane Bitter of the 603 Alliance estimated the Caucus would
need 40+ marshals to manage the process for the 17 declared GOP contenders.

But many others are welcome to help with the other responsibilities, including:

1. Greeting

2. Traffic Control

3. Event Set-up

4. Social Media

5. Letters to the Editor

6. Caucus Promotion

7. Liaison to Candidates

They Appreciate Our Time and Efforts

Because time is precious, 603 Alliance organizers are grateful for any assistance
we can give them. There will be only one training session, followed by
communication with fellow volunteers. And finally, one day of help on Caucus
Day, October 17th.

So, please, let’s help ourselves and our country! Musical entertainment and
vendors guarantee an exciting day for everyone! Remember, the Caucus will be
Important, fun and very Patriotic! To sign-up and for more information, contact
Peter at or visit the 603 Alliance at www.603alliance.

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