You’ve asked, here it is, Jeff Kuhner – Boston’s Bulldozer – “Liberals’ Worst Nightmare” – gave the introduction speech at the Massachusetts State House on Monday, May 4, 2020 a little after 2:00 p.m. E.S.T. “OPEN UP OUR STATE” people want to get back to work, and are sick of being fed limited skewed statistics and excuses, while Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker keeps Home Depot, Walmart, and liquor stores open, but has his minions fine a pastor for holding a social-distancing mass!

5 Replies to “Open-Our-State Rally – JEFF KUHNER INTRODUCTION SPEECH

  1. Thank you for showing the truth! I had the honor of standing guard while Jeff spoke.

  2. I think that the President is doing a great job during these trying times. Here in Massachusetts it seems that the concerns of the working class citizens are once again marginalized by our elected officials. I read in the news that Joey Kennedy showed big concern for illegal alien felons who rioted at a Bristol County jail. No concern from little Joey for the elderly in nursing homes and state veterans homes who have been devastated by the virus. Then I read in the news as to how state Attorney General Maura Healy was distributing leaflets to undocumented folks in Chelsea telling them of their rights. Nothing from Maura to inform citizen taxpayers of their rights. Then I read in the news of the Massachusetts National Guard distributing free food to mostly foreign people in Chelsea. No free food from the Yankee Division to economically suffering working class citizens in their neighborhoods across the Bay State. Mr. Trump has done a great job in trying to keep us healthy in this terrible time. The previous 4 administrations , starting with George Bush 30 years ago, sent good American jobs to communist China. Instead of building up our nation, they built up a tyrannical dictatorship. Mr. Trump is trying to bring the jobs back to America.

  3. It was reported in today’s news that Gov. Baker spoke to a new graduating class of Massachusetts State Troopers at Gillette Stadium.. No words from Baker on any reforms for the Mass State Police which have been described in the media as the most scandal ridden law enforcement agency in the nation. Despite pleading or being found guilty in Federal Court, a state pension board ruled that many Mass State Troopers can keep their pensions. Imagine stealing from an employer with little consequences? Another uniquely Massachusetts thing. Despite being so scandal ridden, ranking low compared to other states for traffic enforcement etc., our public officials still call them the best in the nation.

  4. As a life long citizen of Massachusetts, 63 years here; I was very proud to be at this Liberty Rally! I witnessed a reporter – reporting that we were “protesting” No, I said. We are peacefully assembling, our Constitutional Right – First Amendment! The Government works for the Citizens of the Commonwealth! Years ago it was considered, a service to the people! It was an honor to serve! Now., I see lots of serving of themselves! Time to take back our Commonwealth! As John F Kennedy once said, Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country!
    All people are Essential as all life is Sacred! To say to me that my church is non-essential while liquor stores are opened (no offense meant here to them) is harmful to me – my church family is important to my emotional and spiritual health!
    I was pleased to be in that crowd!!!

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