From Freedom to Fear in 8 Short Weeks. The Truth Behind the Pandemic.

by Virginia “Ginny” Gardner
host of Virginia’s Views and Vibes 
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Virginia “Ginny” Gardner

 During the first week of the Corvid 19 pandemic, I, like many of you, were fully accepting and prepared to shelter in place for the recommended two weeks.  Even as word trickled out, it could be longer than perhaps four, I was ready.   After all, we were given the impression after two weeks of non-exposure, the virus would decline and we would be able to resume our daily routine again.  I decided to keep a journal. 

Something changed from shelter in place / flatten the curve, to no personal interaction. The result of this new mandate translates to no Church/Mass, Temple, Easter, Passover, birthdays, anniversaries, and we were forbidden to have personal contact with our friends and family.   We were told to keep a six-foot distance with anyone not living in our house.  We all obeyed because, with help from the media, the corvid task forced introduced the only thing that could keep a mother from her children and grandchildren, FEAR.  Fear this virus could kill them.

As two weeks turned into three, four, depression and anxiety stated to takeover.   We followed like sheep to do anything to keep ourselves safe and stay healthy. 

Sleep became more difficult and in the early morning hours I awoke with fear.  Fear intensified as we were subjected to 24/7 all Corvid 19  coverage all the time, fear.  The hour by hour death toll, posted like box scores, we saw pictures of our elderly looking out the windows of their rooms, in solitary confinement day and night in an 8×7 cell alone.  Their children or spouse could only wave at them thru a window. Gradually it was reported elderly people were infected, not surviving and dying alone.  

The media also made it clear, if your husband, wife, child was taken to the hospital you could not accompany them or see them until they were released. For me the fear was overwhelming, and I began to worry that my husband could become sick and be taken out of our home never to return and die alone. 

Like sheep we watched almost detached from the reality as people lost their jobs and business.

We are told we must wear a facemask.  Effective May 6, 2020, Massachusetts has required the use of them every time you leave your house.   The media immediately tells us the mask is an important part of staying safe. In fact, the facemask protects others from you.   Therefore, when you see someone without a mask, you feel fear, hostility and anger towards them.  In my opinion, facemasks depersonalizes all of us.  We will soon to be a faceless society, Unrecognizable, unidentifiable people.

Finally, week five the ray of hope, the life preserver, Hydroxychloroquine.  Our President introduced this with confidence as the possible life-saving treatment.   Hospitals start using it with success.   Almost as if on cue, the stories from the media surface warning this is a dangerous drug not to be trusted.  That’s when my fear, and the brainwashing, ends.

  I decided to review my journal and focus less on the emotional aspects and more on the facts and the timeline of events.  As I do this, it becomes clear that regardless of how the virus got here, whether it came from a flu on steroids, or the more nefarious made-in-the-lab from Wuhan, China, it provided the perfect opportunity for disaster.  

In my opinion, the extreme left-wing, some very influential people, with a lot of help from the media, had decided to use it as a back-door attempt to remove the President of the United States. Essentially a Coup d’état. 

After three years of trying to impeach the president with unsubstantiated accusations, the virus presented the perfect plan.  It would kill the economy, leave people out of work, others losing their business, and show huge numbers of deaths.  

As you may recall, we were originally told over 200,000 of us would die.  The 24/7 media continues the focus of keeping death, a devastated economy, isolation of people, no gatherings of groups of over 10, social distancing, and mail-in voting in the news.  This would guarantee President Trump would not be re-elected.  

When we look at the players of this Corvid virus theater, aside from President Trump and VP Pence, every doctor and scientist is a former Clinton supporter and is connected to WHO, (World Health Organization,)  and NIF (National Institute of Health)   Dr. Fauci, in particular, has invested in, along with 8 other members of the Corvid 19 expert panel, in the Remdesivir drug.  This new drug is being heralded as the standard treatment for Corvid19.   The only thing is, Remdesivir does not work.  Please keep in mind that the NIF panel has recommended the country not be opened up until a vaccine can be administered. 18 months–2 years away.   Invested in the vaccine are Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci.   By using Remdesivir, a non-working drug, the numbers continue to escalate and the fear is maintained. 

Hydroxychloroquine has been proven, when used at the onset of Corvid19 symptoms, to be successful in treating this virus without hospitalization in 5-7 days.   Doctors are being threatened their license will be pulled if they treat corvid with this drug.   In New York,  Gov. Cuomo has made this clear, and doctors are afraid.   Many are starting to speak out, and many are immediately censored. Such as the two doctors Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Atrin Massihou, from Accelerated Urgent Care, Bakersfield, CA.   You may recall their video on YouTube has been taken down.   There are good doctors speaking out, Dr. Lee Vliet, former director of American Physicians and Surgeons and years of practicing medicine in Tucson, Arizona. The information in this column comes directly from her and Dr. Marty Fox, Kentucky.    

 Here are the real facts for hydroxychloroquine, you can check them yourself.   India a country of just over 1.3 billion people (4x the US population) have only 1,154 deaths.  India started using hydroxychloroquine immediately.  The United States has just over 300 million people and we have over 57,000 deaths.   The difference is the NIF Corvid 19 panel, highly invested in Vaccines and the “standard treatment drug, Remdesivir, is sending a clear message/threat not to use Hydroxychloroquine.   Their false claims include it can cause Cardiac Arrhythmia.   However, studies show that of the over 50 million people taking hydroxychloroquine, used now for over 65 years, ONLY  62 of the 50 million have suffered a cardiac episode.  As they continue to not allow it, restrict its use, more and more people WILL die, causing a longer time in quarantine, unemployment will continue to soar as 30 million people become unemployed, small businesses will die, and the economy is effectively DOA (dead on arrival).   

  There is something we can and must do to stop this.  Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin, is the only one fighting to end this. He has written a petition /letter urging the president to stop the restriction of hydroxychloroquine.  I urge you to contact Senator Ron Johnson immediately: www.ronjohnson.senate/gov/public.

Go to the letter, follow the link, and sign this important letter/petition. We must not allow this nefarious take over coup d’état to be successful. Please sign this petition, save lives, and save our country.   * Dr. Lee Vliet interview on Nightside, Dan Rea April 30, 2020, Caller Dr. Marty Fox. 

4 Replies to “From Freedom to Fear in 8 Short Weeks. The Truth Behind the Pandemic.

  1. Right on Ms. Gardner! With the upcoming elections, President Trump was running on the theme of the now long-gone successes of record-low unemployment, record-high stock market and perceived gains in the economy; the anti-Trumpublicans have created the “mass hysteria effect” with the Coronavirus pandemic to reset the playing field, to give Democratic candidates a better chance to win in November.


    1. Thanks Ginny for taking this step. Everything you have written is reality. We have to see it! I went to sign the petition and the page comes up which reads: This Page Is Unavailable.
      I thought you should know.

      What an incredible situation we have with a big time media ,which seems to be orchestrated by an invisible hand, and, it keeps them all playing the same music every day. Thanks again. Take care of yourself.

  3. None of what you said makes any sense. Even Trump himself predicts 100,000 deaths are possible and the idea of a conspiracy is just silly. All that work for what, exactly? A devastated country? Profits wouldn’t mean much in a wrecked economy so the idea of purposefully destroying world markets to profit from a fake cure is ludicrous. I suppose you think 9/11 was an “inside job” too. This article is completely wackadoodle.

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