Dear Boston Broadside People,

I am one of your original subscribers, and supporters.

Thank you for giving this movement a home in Boston (how appropriate!).  

We need to take back our Freedom and Liberty from the BAPS; (Bureaucrats And Politicians). People need to do something real to PUSH BACK.
And to Push in a Simple, but Tangible Way.  

We the People can ALL take time to write a simple postcard. 

We Have a President in the White House right now who:

1. Loves this Country
2. Works for America in a very Effective Way
3. Is Loved and Followed by a vast majority of HHWA’s; (Honest Hard-Working Americans)

What would George Washington do today?  

Yours truly,

Dr. John Bausch

Worcester, MA

SUNY-Maritime College Marine Engineer

MIT-Robotics and Control Engineer

USA-MAGA Postcard Challenge, Nov20

We the People need to Push Back on the Deep State.  

Let’s Flood the Supreme Court with Real Paper Ballots.

Step1=Write your Card and SIGN as a Legal American Voter.

Include 2 simple lines:

               – I Voted for Trump in 2020

               – This Election was Rigged!

Step2=Mail your Card with Legal US.Postage (55¢ is best).

Step3=Pass this message on to at least one other HHWA:
               (Honest Hard Working American)

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Let the Deep State know what We the People think.  
God Bless America, 
Dr. John Bausch
Worcester, MA

Please pass this email/posting on to other Voters.


Democrat or Republican we ALL KNOW this Open-Vote-for-All-2020-Election was a disaster!!!

And it violates the US Constitution in two big ways:

– Article II (two), Section 1, Clause 2 – the Governors had no legal right to send out the Mail-in Ballots.

– The 14th Amendment (the Equal Protection Clause) guarantees that all Votes will be treated Equally.  

We have to fix this NOW or never have an honest election again.  

Preamble to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia

Article Two of the United States Constitution – Wikipedia

Additional amendments to the United States Constitution – Wikisource, the free online library

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  1. I believe that now is the time to confirm that voting in Massachusetts elections has been fair. We could use the questionabe outcome of this national election to audit the machines used by each town in this state. Residents are equally unsure about the machines used to record their votes.

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