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GOAL Calls Out Democrat House Speaker Robert DeLeo for Spreading Lies

by Lonnie Brennan
In a mid-December e-mail to its members, the Gun Owners’ Action League of Massachusetts took Democrat House Speaker Robert DeLeo and his co-conspirator Rep. Marjorie Decker to task for spreading lies about Massachusetts gun laws.

In an op-ed for The Hill (thehill.com), DeLeo claimed, “I can say today that Massachusetts is the safest state in the U.S. with the lowest rate of gun deaths.”

GOAL countered, “statistics accumulated by the FBI over the last two decades do not support his assertion. Once again, a MA politician is manipulating statistics to advance a narrative of gun restriction providing public safety. As we reported last week, MA laws over the last 20 years have been an abject failure.”

GOAL went on to note that Massachusetts “is currently the most dangerous state in the Northeast and has the highest rate of violent/gun crime of any Northeast state. We are ranked 12th nationally for violent crime. We are far from being ‘the safest state in the US.’”

More on the GOAL report’s findings are on page 24 [of the January printed edition] by Sr. Political Reporter Ted Tripp. ♦

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