The Taking of Anna – Part 2: DCF as a Tool of Revenge

From our MARCH Printed Edition:


by Kevin Hall

New England Director for Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Part 1 of this story in the Boston Broadside featured how 13-year-old Anna Rizvi (now age 14) was taken from her father, Dr. Hal Rizvi of Concord, N.H., by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Massachusetts in coordination with the Swiss child protective services agency known as KESB, and forced into a Swiss psychiatric ward after her father refused to have her committed to the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center (CEDC) and force-drugged on 10 mg of the powerful and dangerous antipsychotic, Zyprexa.

Dr. Rizvi wanted a little counseling for his daughter’s eating disorder ,but certainly not their toxic “full service.”

Now you will find a story showing how truth can be stranger than fiction.

Dr. Rizvi has been an activist working to protect other medical doctors whom he felt were targeted by state medical boards for blowing the whistle on hospital policies and actions that were putting patients at needless risk in order to maximize profits. As a result, he feels that medical boards have targeted him on behalf of the hospitals and have used child protective services to attack him through removal of his children.

 Dr. Rizvi and his wife, a Swiss citizen, have two children, with Miriam being two years older than Anna. In 2014, Mrs. Rizvi put a harsh legal letter to the Department of Social Services (DSS) in Maryland, through the courts, admonishing DSS for wrongfully taking her children from two very good and competent parents. In the statement dated May 21, 2014, she wrote, “Since February, my family has been in a complete uproar because of the misdirected acts of the Allegany DSS. My family does not agree that the actions of the DSS are honest or intended in the best interest of the children. We believe that they abuse their great power…”

 That was three years – oppression and threats, a separation and a move back to Switzerland – ago. More recently, DCF gave Mrs. Rizvi temporary custody for under a week to bring Anna back to Switzerland where she’s been thrown into the same abusive psychiatric ward, Clienia-Littenheid, that Dr. Rizvi had recently rescued her from before bringing her to New Hampshire. It’s not really a battle of custody as this order was temporary, meaning that the mother wasn’t given custody. Furthermore, Miriam, after being thrown into the same psychiatric ward, has been forced off to a Swiss foster care where she now resides, prepped with psych ward “indoctrination” trauma. Another important point is, per Dr. Rizvi, despite both children having a second Swiss passport, they are U.S. citizens and not native Swiss. Now they must abide by abusive subjugation after being declared Swiss residents by Canton (in Switzerland) order.

 Moving back to the subject of medical boards targeting whistleblower doctors, I was introduced to Dr. Rizvi through neurologist Bharani Padmanabhan, who has often written about how the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine has been attacking him for a half dozen years for also trying to put his patients first. Dr. Bharani (as he prefers to be called), after reading a Boston Globe article wherein I was speaking out against harm and profiteering by the nation’s largest psychiatric hospital chain, Universal Health Services (UHS), referred me to an internal medicine doctor, Sheldon Schwartz, who was having his license attacked for whistleblowing against the corruption at UHS’ Brookline psychiatric facility, the Human Resource Institute. I thought I would bring Schwartz’s data to whistleblower attorneys and was surprised that they wouldn’t take his amazing documentation of harm and fraud until I recently saw a BuzzFeed article that included 175 former UHS employees and executives who revealed how UHS has very wrongfully amassed 30% profits on the backs of suffering patients. The lawyers didn’t take Dr. Shwartz’s case because he was “too late to the party,” which means that several other UHS whistleblowers came before him. And a big and obvious question considering the numerous complaints filed that BuzzFeed made in a paraphrased form is, “Why hasn’t the U.S. Department of Justice prosecuted UHS executives?” And does the medical board really do the bidding of hospitals that are guilty of putting patients at risk? Well, my experience at Dr. Schwartz’s license appeal case was the Mass. Board of Registration in Medicine attorney constantly conferring with the UHS attorney against Schwartz. It was beyond obvious.

 Stay tuned for the final part of this 3-part series next month that will give Dr. Rizvi’s explanation of how medical boards, state social services agencies, and the kangaroo probate and family courts work together in order to target whistleblower doctors.

You will also read more about phony “attorneys for the children” and how they generally target families. This will include Anna Rizvi’s court-appointed Massachusetts attorney, Roberta Driscoll, who sent an email to Rizvi’s attorney in an attempt to squelch this Boston Broadside story, and Anna’s Swiss attorney, Regula Schmid, who allegedly has taken $19,000 from Swiss social services to spearhead their efforts to snatch Anna and Miriam from the United States to Switzerland.

Kevin Hall is the New England Director for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights which focuses on exposing psychiatric violations of human rights. He can be reached at cchrnewengland.org.

2 Replies to “The Taking of Anna – Part 2: DCF as a Tool of Revenge

  1. DCF took my child because I went to the hospital and was mad at my boyfriend. Now they claim he is abusive. He has never been violent around my daughter or myself. He has only helped us in time of need.

  2. My son confessed to 7 people his father molested him as a boy and the grandchildren are not safe and the RICH perp has used our adult poor rich kids to take me to court on and off for 7 years now, manipulating 3 courts with HIGH PRICE LEGAL TEAMS, to silence me……finally judge ruled FRAUD on them but STILL nothing done to protect grandchildren….LEGAL SPEAGAL…….DA assigned state police to the case, said “your son has to testify”, DA never bothered to interview and interrogate my son. Anyone who knows anything about sexual abuse knows they need HELP to break the secret. My son would have broke the secret if the DA had done their job. Instead my son was “STALKED” to a nervous breakdown, secretly told me “Mom, I believe dad had a hand in it”…still no protection for grandchildren……Im the bad guy now even tho I begged day one to date for “private family resolution” with family priest…..because I won’t let things go….”Dad made some mistakes and you won’t forgive him” I am told now….MIND BOGGLING…..I am being abused by the “use and abuse” of the court system and RICH PERPS and the taxpayers pay….DCF a complete failure, Baby Bella Bond washed up on shore and Dept of Health & Human Services states Massachusetts #1 worst state in nation for child abuse and neglect (see Atty James Owen’s website)…Probate was useless as the perp used FRAUD there too…Im going back with the “FRAUD” to show them….DA useless..

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