by Kevin Hall

The New England Director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights

According to Concord, N.H. doctor Hal Rizvi, Swiss medical expert Urs Stillhard testified in court this month that Anna Rizvi needed to be confined and drugged with the antipsychotic Zyprexa. Rizvi already filed a criminal complaint earlier on this matter stating how it is illegal to drug children in Switzerland with this dangerous category of psychiatry’s most powerful mind benders. Yet Swiss child protective services, KESB, is pushing what Rizvi and his attorneys have already found to be illegal.

Rizvi claims that both his 14-year-old Anna and 15-year-old sister Miriam have been attacked through the Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Massachusetts and KESB solely because he was part of a small organization of doctors for twenty years, trying to protect whistleblower doctors that were “speaking up against hospital shoddy billing and fraudulent hospital services through hiring lowly qualified health practitioners in lieu of medical doctors to save on expenditures.” Rizvi claims that his medical license has been attacked for this same reason and that the family may have been targeted. The official reason given for DCF Mass. colluding with KESB to take Anna away from her doctor father was “medical neglect” for trying to free his daughter from the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass. and to get them to stop involuntarily drugging her with 10 mg of Zyprexa. Rizvi claims that, “[T]his local center took instruction and allowed the interference of Swiss officials.”

Anna “smuggled” a photo of herself out to a friend. (We can’t tell you who, nor how, without compromising her method. Smart kid.)

The father claims that neither of his daughters was ever suicidal before they were harmed in psychiatric wards. He said that the elder child was confined and drugged in the same Swiss institution as Anna until she was mentally broken to go into Swiss foster care, and that now they are trying the same thing with Anna who is still fighting back in an attempt to return to the U.S. in her father’s guardianship. Rizvi claims that like Miriam, Anna’s torture led to her self-mutilation and that she has to a great degree been “broken after 10 months of being drugged forcibly, needlessly tortured and imprisoned in psychiatric wards.”

“In court, the medical ‘expert’ who admitted to not examining Anna for suicidality claims that this condition is why she needs to stay in the Clienia-Littenheid psychiatric ward that has caused the suicidal tendencies with drugging, confinement and isolation,” said Rizvi. “Miriam has been mentally broken and is now rewarded through KESB to reject my contact and supervision while Anna is being similarly tortured until she gives up her loyalty.”

Outside view of the door to Anna’s soundproof room where father says she was confined for 5 weeks – kept her sanity by doing crafts.

Rizvi added that, “[A]fter a comfortable U.S. life of private tutors, violin and swim lessons, arts and sports camps, both lovely children are forced to cave daily to Swiss officials.” He also offered that, “administrative Swiss judges Urs Gmunder and Stephan Zurn have authorized these abuses and that the U.S. government has taken no steps to demand repatriation while the U.S. Embassy says that my U.S. citizen children must comply with local Swiss laws.”

Last week, I sent the Boston Broadside’s “The Taking of Anna” series, parts one to five to the Swiss consulates in New York and Washington, D.C. and asked them to resolve the situation. Instead of saying that they would call the KESB to help resolve the matter, they simply washed their hands of it by saying that it was out of their legal authority and then gave a lame statement that included, “This said, we feel deep empathy for the Rizvi family and for all the individuals involved. We hope that a solution can soon be reached for the sake and well-being of everybody.”

Apparently, stopping a U.S. teen from being tortured and wrongfully force-drugged in their psychiatric isolation room is also out of their moral authority.





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