But, Where are you putting them Baker?

State House News Reports that the 50 illegals who were given first-class flights from Florida to the vacation resort of the rich and famous – Martha’s Vineyard will be on the move again.
What appears to be mostly single males, ages 25-35, were deported from Martha’s Vineyard by Mass. Liberal Lame-Duck Trump-Hating Illegal-Alien-Supporting Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.
The illegals stayed less than 40 hours on the vacation paradise, where locals welcomed them, and showered them with gifts. Baker deported them to the mainland.
After the round-up, Baker impounded them to a military base on Camp Cod, and provided sightseeing day trips and trips to local bars, the Cape Cod Mall. The taxpayer funded everything, including money for beers and their vacation spree.
Now, the illegals are being evicted from the military base.


It’s suspected Baker has found free housing for them in big cities around the state. As most communities know, elder housing in many locations were converted to “open” housing, allowing illegals, Section 8, and such to live, apparently displacing or creating long wait lines for local widows, etc.


Here’s the State House News update:

Migrant Stay Coming to End at Joint Base Cape Cod
The 35 Venezuelan migrants who are still being housed by the state at Joint Base Cape Cod are expected to leave this week and the base will wind down its temporary shelter operation by the weekend, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security said a day after Gov. Charlie Baker declined to say whether the state had an end date for its hospitality.

Fourteen of the 49 migrants who took the state up on its offer to relocate them from Martha’s Vineyard — where they were left on Sept. 14 by an immigrant relocation program run by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — to Joint Base Cape Cod have already departed the base, and the rest are expected to “depart JBCC this week as additional transitional housing opportunities are finalized,” EOPSS said.

Since the migrants were brought to Joint Base Cape Cod on Sept. 16, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has coordinated with local, state and non-profit partners to provide the migrants with shelter and food, 24/7 access to legal services, access to health care and crisis counseling services, access to transportation to get into town for necessities, and social opportunities, EOPSS said.

Martha’s Vineyard Communities Services provided financial assistance to shelter migrants, the state said.

On Monday, when asked by reporters about the situation at Joint Base Cape Cod, Baker said that he did not know just how many of the migrants remained and did not answer directly when asked if the state had selected a date by which its assistance on Cape Cod would come to an end.

“Joint Base Cape Cod is not really part of what I would describe as a neighborhood or a community. It’s what it is, it’s a military base. And I think for most of these folks, if they get their paperwork squared away, the big thing that they and we would like to see them do is figure out some way to turn that into work, because that’s the reason most of them say they came in the first place,” the governor said Monday. – Colin A. Young/SHNS

4 Replies to “But, Where are you putting them Baker?

  1. “As most communities know, elder housing in many locations where converted to “open” housing, allowing illegals and such to live, apparently displacing or creating long wait lines for local widows, etc.”

    Is this why the wait list for affordable housing is now a 13 year wait?

  2. Massachusetts welfare payments exceed the New England and the US average. We have seen generations of families who have survived off the public taxes. This must end and we the people must demand more accountability from our government agencies. We need to care for the citizens who are in true need not the illegals who invaded the country. Let the wealth harbor these migrants not the general public.

  3. Probably not too many going to Swampscott. No fast action from Baker to house homeless veterans. People in Europe, Asia, Africa etc. wait many years for the hopes of getting a visa to come contribute to the U.S. by immigrating here. Yet people thumb their noses at our laws, come here and reap benefits that U.S. Citizens don’t get. How can they call it immigration diversity when over 80% of those coming here speak one language? I guess that’s what we get when over 50% of Americans don’t vote anymore.

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