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The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA)
“What’s the difference between an extremist, liberal Democrat and Republican Gov. Charlie Baker?” asked Mary Lou Daxland, president of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly. Answer: “Not much,” she said, referring to Gov. Baker’s newly signed “bathroom bill,” which goes into effect Oct. 1st and will allow grown men to shower with girls, use women’s bathrooms and changing rooms at every store, office, gym, school, church, temple, etc. “Gov. Baker has failed us,” Daxland emphasized. She added, “Because of him, because of his signing of the bathroom/shower bill, starting October 1st women and girls will be forced to undress and shower in the presence of men. And if people complain, they’ll face jail time.”
Attorney General Maura Healey took to the steps of the State House recently to congratulate Senate President Stanley Rosenberg and Governor Baker for pushing through what House Speaker Robert DeLeo has called “groundbreaking legislation.”
Daxland, frustrated, explained, “President Kennedy wanted to put a man on the moon, Baker and DeLeo and the gang want to put men in women’s bathrooms. This is insane. They’re denying basic anatomy. If you have the anatomy of a man, you should not be in the girls’ room. They refused any compromise except for the date of implementation. They refused to bar convicted, registered sex offenders from entering girls’ bathrooms with impunity. This is a betrayal. Baker has betrayed every sane woman and girl in this state.”
MARA National Director Brian Kennedy expressed anger with not only the bill, but how the Legislature and Gov. Baker have left it up to the attorney general to set rules for the bill’s enforcement. “They voted on a bill and said: let’s leave it up to the gal promoting this bill to come up with the rules and regulations to enforce it, and let’s give her the summer to think about it,” Kennedy said. He continued, “The effects on businesses are unknown at this time. The effects on women and children can only be problematic at best, horrific at worst, and to leave it to Healey? Really? Healey has publicly advised women to ‘hold it’ if a creep who sets off all of a woman’s natural alarm bells follows her into the restroom. The new law even makes it a hate crime for a woman to respond in her own defense! Healey clearly does not support your daughters or granddaughters. Healey’s record is clear: LGBT always comes before WOMEN.”
Kennedy added, “She’s also the one who either tanked or screwed up the Common Core initiative petition. So with all this in mind, who can trust her?”
As attorney general, Healey was responsible for approving and signing off on the language with the Common Core initiative petition which parents sought to place on the fall ballot. The petition called for return of local control of educational issues and an end to the forcing of President Obama’s version of education. Healey, after review, signed off and approved the petition which, after parents and educators collected more than 110,000 signatures, was thrown out by the Supreme Judicial Court in a unanimous decision, as it pointed out the flaws in Healey’s  legal approval.
Kennedy continued, “Let’s face it, Healey was either very incompetent, or else she was treacherous. It’s one or the other: evil or incompetent. Either way, she’s lost our trust, and to hand over such a delicate issue as developing rules and regulations to implement the bathroom bill to her, is just adding insult to injury.”
The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA) – the Conservative Wing of the Republican Party – serves as a watchdog and activist group to protect all voters from extremist liberal experiments and programs.
MARA is seeing an immediate rise in its membership as more and more Republicans are turning away from the ultra-liberal Gov. Baker, and his extremist policies which MARA President Daxland said “leaves us all to wonder whose side he is on and why he is even in office right now.”
Daxland explained, “He’s turned his back on so many of his campaign promises, and now, to gamble with the safety of our children in this tumultuous time is just staggering. I see him going the way of [former Senator] Scott Brown: turning his back on his voters and getting booted out of office. It’s a sad time for girls and women. It’s a sad time for all of Massachusetts to see Charlie impose such dangers under the so-called guise of ‘civil rights.’ Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.”Daxland urged conservatives to read more about MARA at  ♦


  1. GOV. Charlie Baker Massachusetts. He ran as a republican but rules as a Democrat liberal. He needs to be recalled or impeached. He lied to the voters of Massachusetts running as a Republican.

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