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A Resolution Regarding the Political Activity of His Excellency Charles Baker, Republican Governor of Massachusetts

Whereas, Party unity is crucial for victory in November, not just for the Presidency, but also for all Republican Candidates running down-ticket on the ballot, and

Whereas, the MA-GOP By-Laws clearly state the following in Article II Section 2: “No Regular Member of the State Committee, nor a Regular or Associate member of a ward or town committee, shall in any way serve the interests of any political party or sponsor or endorse any candidate of a political party other than the Republican Party in connection with any partisan election or primary in which there is a Republican candidate. Failure of a Regular Member of the State Committee or of a Regular or Associate member of a ward or town committee to comply with the foregoing standard shall subject such person to such sanctions as may be imposed by the Committee involved, which may include a request for the resignation of that Regular or Associate Member or a vote of censure…. ,” and

Whereas, Republican Governor Charles Baker of Swampscott was elected to the Swampscott Republican Town Committee on March 1, 2016, and

Whereas, said Governor Baker has on multiple occasions, not only refused to endorse the Republican Nominee for President, Donald J. Trump of New York, but also will not vote for him, and

Whereas,Governor Baker stated it is unlikely he’d vote for Hillary Clinton, but did not categorically rule out the possibility of voting for her or a third party candidate, and

Whereas, His Excellency the Governor, as the titular head of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, is respected and even revered by many members of the electorate who are apt to give his words much weight, and

Whereas, the most Honorable Governor’s words, because of his popularity and high profile among Massachusetts voters, are arguably tantamount to suggesting that voters not vote for Donald J. Trump as the Republican Candidate for President:


be it resolved, the Massachusetts Republican Assembly urges the Swampscott Republican Committee to take appropriate action and impose appropriate discipline on its member, Charles Baker of Swampscott, Republican Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Be it further resolved:

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly urges the MA-GOP State Committee to defend and enforce its by-laws in this matter for the sake of Party unity.

Submitted 1 August 2016

Massachusetts Republican Assembly




Mass Republican Assembly: Our Objectives

To recruit, train, and motivate individuals to run for public office who are irrevocably committed to uphold and fight for constitutional principles and the preservation of the REPUBLIC!

To increase republican voter registration

 To promote conservatism in the tradition of the Founding Fathers

 To bring back the Republican party those who have been disaffected by the perception that the party has moved away from its core principles

To watchdog elected officials and ensure their adherence to conservative Republican principles

To identify and oppose those individuals, groups, and agendas that would, knowingly or otherwise, bring about the loss of our freedoms and the destruction of our Republic through the violation of the constitution and the erosion of the traditional family or public morals

 To inform the public regarding correct principles relative to issues and qualifications

of candidates for public office

To maintain the integrity of the Republican party platform based on correct moral and constitutional principles and to use the platform as a criterion of accountability for elected officials

3 Replies to “A Resolution Regarding the Political Activity of His Excellency Charles Baker, Republican Governor of Massachusetts

  1. Charles D. ‘Self-Identified Female’ Baker, Jr. = Boston Globe Chickensh*t, with the emphasis on SH*T!

  2. Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts needs to be recalled or impeached from office but needs to be removed so does lieutenant governor Karyn Polito. They were elected as solid Republicans but they are leading as liberals socialist Democrats. Worrying more about where transgenders can go to the bathroom then worrying about the budget and other very important issues that affect the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This is an outrage to every citizen in the Commonwealth the AG attorney-general she needs to be removed for overstepping my bounds on the gun issues and Karen pulido and Charlie Baker need to be removed and their whole Administration they have failed the Republicans and they won’t even back the nominee for president Donald Trump.
    Clinton ma tea party


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