Jay McMahon Endorses TOM KEYS for Mass. 5th Barnstable State Rep. Seat


AUGUST 12, 2020

I am writing you regarding my good friend Tom Keyes, who is running for State Representative.  ( 5th Barnstable District, Massachusetts) Tom Keyes was one of the few who had the courage to stand with me during both Primaries.    

Tom is a true conservative we can count on at the State House. 

As you well know, we need more people serving in the legislature with the backbone to stand up to the insiders. Tom Keyes is such a person. That’s why he is also endorsed by Geoff Diehl and Shaunna O’Connell.  

Tom has a Republican Primary on September 1st. I was hoping that you could join me in voting for Tom Keyes for State Representative.  

What’s the difference?  
Tom Keyes is the ONLY candidate with business experience and knows how to create jobs.  

Tom Keyes has authored the Small Business Bill of Rights to help put people back to work.  

Tom Keyes is the ONLY candidate to work on the initiative to repeal automatic gas tax hikes.  

Tom Keyes is the ONLY candidate to sign the “No New Taxes” pledge.  
Tom Keyes is the ONLY candidate to endorse the bill opposing TCI gas tax increases.  

Tom Keyes is endorsed by Angel Mom Maureen Maloney for his tough stands against illegal immigration.  

Tom Keyes is a Second Amendment supporter.

  Like you, Tom has been a loyal supporter. I hope that I can count on you voting for Tom Keyes.    

Thank you on behalf of the entire McMahon family.    

Sincerely,   Jay McMahon    

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