Parole Hearing for Jeffrey Curley’s Murderer

by Beth D’Amato

I’m sure everyone remembers the horrific kidnapping, rape and murder of little Jeffrey Curley in 1997. The heinous details from that case will forever be embedded in our minds. 

Recently, Jeffrey’s father, Robert Curley, received a letter from the Victims Services Unit, informing him that the monster who murdered his young son will be having a parole hearing in March. 

From the letter: *A parole hearing is scheduled for Charles Jaynes on Tuesday, March 31st 2020 @ 10am at the Massachusetts Parole Board’s Central Office located at 12 Mercer Road Natick, MA 01760. The purpose of this hearing is to evaluate this offender’s suitability for release to the community on parole. If granted, the offender will be under the supervision of a parole officer. If parole is denied, the board will determine whether to conduct the next hearing in one, two, three, four or five years.*

The Curley family has been through the most unimaginable nightmare. Just the thought of releasing such depravity and evil into society on parole is vile! And the family must relive it every time he’s up for parole. We cannot let this happen! I reached out to Mr. Curley and he gave me permission to write this article to get the word out! 

The parole hearing is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  Please inform everyone you know on social media! We need to rally people to show up inside and outside the building that day. We also need people to start sending letters and calling the Parole Board’s Central Office weeks prior to and leading up to the day of the hearing. We must let the members of the parole board know that such evil should never see the light of day again. 

When dealing with the parole board, we must use tact, decorum and facts in our letters and phone calls. Most likely we’re dealing with Leftists and we don’t want any spiteful retaliation – like having them vote for a parole release. What we can do is remind them of what Charles Jaynes did to little Jeffrey Curley. That alone should bring a swift decision of parole denied!

For letters: Mass. Parole Board’s Central Office, 12 Mercer Road, Natick, MA 01766

Phone calls: 866-480-6272/508-650-4500 and FAX 508-650-4599           

Also, lists the names of all the Mass. parole board members (No email addresses were available).

Thank you all so much for your help and God Bless!

PS: I can be reached at

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