Dooley Abruptly Resigns House Shortly Before Term’s End

by Colin A. Young

Mass. State House News ServiceWith about a week left until he was due to leave office as his term expired, Rep. Shawn Dooley of Wrentham this week resigned from the House of Representatives.

The Republican, who was first elected to the House in a 2014 special election, filed a letter of resignation with the House clerk’s office Tuesday announcing that his departure would be effective at 5 p.m. that day. The letter was read into the record during Thursday’s House session.

Dooley did not run for reelection to his Ninth Norfolk District seat this year and instead waged an unsuccessful challenge for the Senate seat held by Democrat Sen. Becca Rausch.

His resignation letter did not provide a reason for his early departure — his term was set to expire Jan. 3 — and Dooley could not immediately be reached for comment. When he was first elected,

Dooley was the town clerk and School Committee chairman in Norfolk. He filled the seat that was vacated by Rep. Dan Winslow, whose state rep campaign Dooley oversaw. Winslow was elected to replace Richard Ross when Ross was chosen to succeed Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate in 2010. Dooley had also managed Ross’s 2008 reelection campaign.

In early 2021, Dooley challenged Jim Lyons for the Massachusetts Republican Party chairmanship after he said he thought Lyons focused the party’s messaging too much on national politics and lacked a positive platform on which local candidates could campaign. Dooley lost the race narrowly: 39 votes for Lyons to 36 for Dooley.



Editor’s Note:  Dooley was most infamous amongst Republicans for his support for driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

3 Replies to “Dooley Abruptly Resigns House Shortly Before Term’s End

    1. EDITOR’s NOTE: Typically, when this kind of thing occurs, and the Mass. State Houses News Service takes notice, it’s because the politician is either lazy, or about to get handed a big wet kiss from the Governor for some hack job. Just saying…

  1. Another self-serving RINO checks out but here in the Communist Republic of Massachusetts no one notices.

    And speaking of Dooleys, this narcissistic little dweeb RINO font of self-serving BULLSHIT, Ted Dooley, who probably doesn’t have enough testosterone to shave yet, once managed, for 5 whole months, a Shawn Dooley-for-State Rep re-election campaign– (scroll down). Just long enough to put it on his resume, of course. He was big in the ‘College Republicans’ too. He is now a consultant-strategist-public relations type for Merrimack Potomac + Charles, an outfit that represents businesses that either outright feed off government largesse at taxpayer expense or benefit from lobbied-for favorable legislation and/or favorable regulation, or the lack thereof. One of that outfit’s clients, Google, suppresses, outright, conservative news and conservative speech. And you gotta wonder why the National Cybersecurity Center would hire such flaks. SEE

    Watch out for THIS little Massachusetts dweeb in years to come. He’s a Mittens Romney wannabe but with even smaller cojones.

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