Message from MassGOP Chair Jim Lyons

AUGUST 5, 2021


Today, Bernadette and I had the opportunity to spend some time, one-on-one, with President Donald J. Trump.

We talked about the pay-to-play cabal’s $1 million bribe to “cancel” my chairmanship of the Massachusetts Republican Party. I told him about our efforts to reform the MassGOP so that it works for you, the grassroots, and not the elites and the connected class on Beacon Hill.

We talked about putting Republican principles first. I thanked him for fighting for all of us, for taking on the corrupt DC swamp, and for his absolutely fearless leadership.

President Trump told me he’s with us all the way. He’s seen the work we’re putting in to bring a voter ID requirement to Massachusetts, ensure election integrity, and grow the grassroots.

President Trump knows what it’s like to take on the establishment. He knows we’re in the fight of our lives over the future of not just the Massachusetts Republican Party, but our commonwealth in general, and he’s willing to extend a helping hand.

In the meantime, now more than ever, we need grassroots Republicans to step up and make a contribution. Every donation counts, and every donation — no matter how small — helps us put Republican principles in Massachusetts ahead of the elite special interests class.


Can I count on you to make a contribution?


Today is a day my wife and I will never forget.


I’m feeling more inspired every day to work harder for you, and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support.


Let’s go!


Jim Lyons




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