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Trump Must Halt Caravan Invasion – He’s right to send troops and end catch and release

Trump Must Halt Caravan Invasion

He’s right to send troops and end catch and release

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner


President Trump is finally doing what his predecessors have refused to do: militarize our southern border. As a migrant caravan of over 4,000 illegals marches toward the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump has ordered 15,000 U.S. troops to be deployed alongside the border patrol.


Trump’s goal: to halt the invasion. He also says that his administration will cease the long-standing practice of “catch and release,” whereby migrants who cross into our country illegally are captured by the border patrol, falsely claim asylum, and are then released into the United States pending a hearing before an immigration judge. Most of these illegals are never seen again.


Instead, Trump is vowing to erect major tent cities, detain the caravan migrants until their immigration hearing, when the overwhelming majority will then be deported back to their home countries. In short, the days of catch and release are over.


The liberal media (as usual) has pounced. CNN calls Trump’s plan “racist.” Host Chris Cuomo says the caravan is “more mothers than monsters.” Don Lemon went even further. According to him, the real enemy is not illegal immigrants, but American “white men” who pose a “serious threat” to national security. Lemon decried that, for white American males, there are no “travel bans” or detention facilities. Yet, he insists that “something must be done” to stop them. Lemon is not only openly advocating anti-white racism. He is agitating for a race war—against his fellow Americans.


Lemon is a race-baiting left-wing lunatic, who should be fired. Moreover, almost everything the Fake News media is claiming about the migrant caravan is false. It is not dominated by women, children or mothers. Rather, it is over 70 percent male—most of them teenagers or young, single men. Mexico’s ambassador has admitted that “many” of these migrants are “violent” criminals. Guatemala’s foreign minister says the caravan is “full” of MS-13 gang members, murderers, rapists, drug dealers and human traffickers. Some of the migrants have openly admitted in TV interviews that they are “accused” murderers in their home countries.


Trump is right. They are invaders. The greatest crisis of our time is the historic invasion from the South. America is being overwhelmed with an influx of illegal Third World immigrants. A recent study by Yale and MIT researchers says there are at least 22 million illegal aliens in the United States. Migrants composed of family members are surging at the southern border in record numbers. One-third of El Salvador’s population now resides in America; that Central American nation is being depopulated—and they are coming here.


Americans face a stark, existential choice: secure our borders or lose our country. Mass immigration is transforming America politically, culturally and demographically. Between 70-90 percent of immigrants, legal and illegal, who are of African, Asian or Hispanic descent support the Democrats. Inevitably, mass migration will lead to socialism; the demography of California results in the politics of California—a one-party Democratic state. Traditional America marked by limited government, the Constitution and the rule of law will be swamped by Third World migrant invaders.


In fact, the left openly acknowledges this. For example, Michelle Goldberg in a recent opinion piece in the New York Times, “We Can Replace Them,” stresses that the only way for a liberal coalition to win in Georgia is to bring in enough minorities/migrants to outnumber and eventually displace the native population. In other words, if the Democrats cannot persuade voters of the efficacy of their policies, then import a new electorate who will advance a radical leftist agenda. Call it national suicide through unlimited immigration. This is why liberals defend open borders. It is their path to permanent power.


The migrant caravan will define Trump’s presidency. Success leads to imitation; already, three more caravans are on their way. If the first one smashes through our southern border, the word will be out in Mexico and across Central America: The United States is a paper tiger unable to protect its national sovereignty. Countless caravans will pour in; America will turn into a Third World basket case.


The central reason Trump was elected—more than the economy, ISIS or Obamacare—was to end our immigration crisis. He has promised to secure our borders, build a wall and deport violent illegal aliens. If he achieves this, Trump will go down as one of the greatest presidents. If he doesn’t, his presidency—and the country—are doomed.


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs noon-3:00 pm EST. He can be reached at:

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