John Hugo Candidate, U.S. Representative Mass. Congressional Dist. 5

FROM OUR AUGUST 2018 FULL PRINTED EDITION (one of several candidates we showcased…and wished we could fit more!)


Conservative activist Lee Whitney recently chanced to meet up with John Hugo:

LW: You’re running for Congress against a well-funded, whackadoo Democrat incumbent in Massachusetts. Some would say it’s a futile exercise. What came over you to make such a decision?

JH: I hear that question a lot, as you might imagine. But, the same people who tell me it’s pointless to run, in the same breath say ‘Katherine Clark must go!’ ‘She’s out of touch with the working class in 5th Congressional District. She’s missing in action.’ Personally, I don’t think she’s ever read the U.S. Constitution. If she has, she’s developed a knack for ignoring it.

On a deeper level, I decided to run myself because it’s my way of being part of the solution. Win or lose – and I’m running to win, being a part of the solution rather than just complaining is a cause in and of itself.

Like every other conservative Republican or conservative unenrolled voter in Mass., I’m sick and tired of choosing between a liberal Democrat and casting a blank ballot, or at ‘best’ voting for an equally liberal Republican In Name Only.

LW: You’ve used some common buzz words and phrases: ‘conservative,’ ‘Republican,’ ‘Liberal Republican in Name Only.’ Can you put some meaning to those words for our readers, by telling us where you stand generally on issues?

JH:  Let’s start by saying I refuse to compromise my values or moderate my positions in order to pander to what I think people want to hear.

I’m Pro-Life. I fully support the 2nd Amendment. I’m a nationalist who wants to live under the United States Constitution, not some United Nations diktat. I support President Trump’s effort to secure the borders, to renegotiate bad trade deals, and his muscular foreign policy that puts America First. Like President Trump puts America first, I will put the citizens of the MA-5th Congressional District first. I will put the Constitution and individual liberty first. That means limiting the role of the federal government, keeping taxes low, limiting regulations to only what’s necessary, and it’s time we stop digging our own fiscal grave. We must balance the budget and address the national debt.

In short, I’m virtually the polar opposite of Katherine Clark on just about every issue. She’s a globalist, a tax and spend liberal, who favors open borders, sanctuary cities, and virtually every extreme social interest measure proposed by the radical left-wing base of today’s Democrat Party. Even on a cultural level – she’s totally out of touch with the average American. Let me give one disgraceful ‘for instance.’ Her claim to fame is walking out on the moment of silence held in Congress for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. She literally called this prayerful moment an ’empty gesture.’ The America I grew up in doesn’t believe that invoking God in our own way is an empty gesture. Quite the opposite, I was brought up to believe that invoking the aid of God is an act of humility that seeks not just His intervention but His wisdom and guidance. Not to mention we honor the victims. This is not an empty gesture.

I could go on. All you really need to know about Clark is that she puts the interests of illegal aliens who commit murder above the safety of innocent American citizens. Good grief! She voted against Kate’s Law. That just proves she represents everyone but the hardworking, taxpaying and law-abiding citizens of our district.

LW: Talk to the voters now. What can folks do? How can they help your campaign? What message can you send?

JH: Thank you for the opportunity to let voters know about our campaign.

I’m running a grassroots campaign as I’m a working-class candidate. I’m doing this while I’m working a job to pay my bills. I want to go to Congress and serve no more than three terms (yes, I’m a strong believer in term limits). After that I’m coming home to live under the laws I help to pass or repeal.

Please visit for more info. If you live in the district I humbly ask for your vote on September 4th in the Republican primary so I can take the fight to Katherine Clark in November.   ♦



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