Sept. 1st Edition –

President Donald Trump in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Rally extensive coverage

Transcript excerpts from Trump New Hampshire Rally

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Items in the Sept. 2019 Edition Include:

  • 2020 Initiative Petitions: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly – by Ted Tripp
  • Trump Rocks the House in Manchester – by Brittany Jennings
  • In His Own Words – Extensive excerpts from President Donald Trump’s Aug. 15, 2019 speech/conversation at SNHU Arena (with commentary by Lonnie Brennan)  (nearly 8 pages of coverage)
  • Republican Rep. Randy Hunt Fails to Support Parental Rights, Once Again – by Diane Splitz
  • Vaccines and the Concern for Public Health by Beth Guidry Hoffman
  • Psychiatry’s Failure in the Recent El Paso and Dayton Shootings – Mind-Altering Drugs Again Linked to Hostility/Violence – by Kevin Hall
  • Hillman Attempts to Spin/Deflect MassGOP Failures After Old-Guard is Exposed for Lavish Spending, Perks, and Apparent Fraud – by Lonnie Brennan
  • Thoughts from a Hipster Coffee Shop – by Alyssa Ahlgren
  • Is New Hampshire Better Off Today?  by Howard Kaloogian
  • Slip Sliding Away – Across the Country, and Right Here in New Hampshire – by David Rivers
  • Broadside Interview: President Donald J. Trump for President Inc.’s Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh
  • Liberal Media Censor/Hinder Conservative Sites – by Ted Tripp
  • Local Community Remembers Fallen Police Officer Sgt. Michael Chesna – by Erin Leone
  • Squealing for Pork! Mass. FY2020 House Budget Amendments – It’s Just Money … No Debate Necessary – Part 2, by Ted Tripp
  • The World is Getting Sicker – by Sal Giarratini
  • Maine’s Paul LePage : Life After Being Governor – by Mary Lou Daxland
  • Focus on the Family – by Jim Daly
  • In Rememberance: John O’Mara – 1936-2016 – A Tiger in the Conservative Movement – by Ted Tripp
  • Editorial: Never Mind About Charlie Baker
  • Knights of Columbus Memorial for the Unborn
  • Mass. Probate & Family Court in the Spotlight:  Commentary by Gang Xu: Part 2 – The Greater Boston Middlesex County Courts: Programmed for an Organized Criminal Industry (with notations of stats by judge Maureen Monks)

and, additional columns on The National Scene:

  • Gilroy, El Paso, Dayton – What are we doing wrong? by Rabbi Yosef Polter
  • Is the Media Trying to Create a Recession? – by Grace Vuoto
  • What Will they Learn at College? – by Walter E. Williams
  • Democrats to Seniors: Drop Dead  – by Betsy McCaughey
  • Free Stuff!  – by John Stossell
  • Why the New York Times is Unreformable and Must Die – by Ann Coulter
  • Open Boarders, Inc. – Who’s Funding the War on ICE? – by Michelle Malkin
  • Trump’s Great Gamble – by Patrick J. Buchanan
  • Warren’s Phony Apology – Massachusetts Democrat Only Sorry She Got Caught – by Jeffrey T. Kuhner
  • Will the Thin Blue Line Hold? by Atty. Robert Snider
  • In Search of Greatness – by Warren P. Russo
  • Constitutional Snippets – by Catherine White




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