Kingston Payroll Includes DEVAL PATRICK’s Deputy Campaign Manager

Big tip of the hat to Hillary Chabot of the Herald for reporting that U.S. Senate candidate John Kingston, the anti-Trumper has hired at least one Deval Patrick thug to work on his campaign.

Specifically, the multi-millionaire who spent more than $1 million to support a Hillary Clinton victory, has been paying $10,000 per month since October to progressive consultant Ron Bell.

From Chabot’s article:

“Bell, 55, has worked for progressive Democrats across the state since 2005, first as Patrick’s deputy campaign manager and most recently on former Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson’s mayoral campaign.

Bell also served as chief of staff for the controversial former Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua.”


Dubbed “Thurston Howell the IV”, Kingston – with zero appeal to the working class – apparently thinks Bell will deliver him the liberal Republican votes from the big city.

By all accounts, it’s clear that Kingston is in this race for one reason: to block Rep. Geoff Diehl at the Republican Convention tomorrow.

Kingston, a multi-millionaire has pledged to spend at least $2 million of his own money for his race.

The question is: will the Republican convention delegates see through Kingston’s glossy slick mailers, his free booze and food at the pre-convention parties, see his past Anti-Trump, pro-Clinton expenditures, his staged photos, and past support of the Clintons, and reject him?

In the past, the democrat-infiltrated and controlled MassGOP’s governing board has been quick to be bought off for a glass of water, let alone $2 million in campaign fun-money…but for some, voting for Kingston would be like getting into bed with Clinton and Deval Patrick…


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