WALL OF SHAME NOMINEE: Democrat Rep. Ted Speliotis (Danvers, Mass.): Hiding Votes, Supporting Illegals, Increasing Spending, Raising Taxes

WALL OF SHAME NOMINEE: Democrat Rep. Ted Speliotis (Danvers, Mass.): Hiding Votes, Supporting Illegals, Increasing Spending, Raising Taxes

by Lonnie Brennan

Special Commentary

“Fraud: a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.”

DANVERS – With a big relaxed grin, long-term Democrat Rep. Ted Speliotis speaks to voters and they believe he’s fiscally conservative. Cue the laugh track.

Ted’s voting record consistently flies in the face of his salesman sunshine, and the daily paper’s cheerleading of the pol. Roll call votes including House 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14…261 in the 2017 session showed him 100% in lock-step with the Democrat house speaker on everything from blocking the release of committee votes to increasing spending, to paving the way for EBT card holders to enjoy pot-fueled Vegas vacations.

A sampling? House #45: Ted voted against preventing EBT cards from being used out-of-state (big locations of documented use include Disney World, New York, and Vegas). House #43: Ted voted to allow EBT cards to be used to purchase dope (Marijuana). Cool, dude. House #41: Ted voted to prohibit the requirement of being a U.S. citizen to obtain taxpayer-subsidized housing and other benefits (costing Mass. taxpayers more than $2 billion yearly).

Transparency? Surely you jest. House #10: Ted voted to prevent the advanced release of the legislative calendar so that folks would know when things will occur – to prevent hidden-sneaky votes. House #9: voted to prevent a 24-hour review of legislation before taking votes to raise taxes. House #8: refused to allow a vote to consider restoring term limits on House leaders. Other votes included preventing an external audit of the House financials, preventing committee votes from being placed online (he does NOT want you to know how he votes), voting to increase his pay– and that of his fellow legislators an average of 40% in an “emergency” vote last year, voting to deny a sales-tax-holiday. Oh, the list is long, but those are just the openers.

Ted earned his slot on the Wall-of-Shame for the fraud he has perpetuated upon so many voters in Danvers and Peabody.

Forcing Massachusetts taxpayers to provide housing and many other benefits to illegal alien border-jumpers while denying a sales tax holiday, independent audits, restraints/control on EBT cards, and so many more anti-hardworking citizen abuses, together with years of abysmal budget votes, makes it clear: Ted is known for one thing, but does another. In our world, that’s called FRAUD.

We’ll print much more on this Wall-of-Shame nominee, as well as others, in our upcoming editions.  ¨

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