Boston First Responders United Scores Stay from Forced Injections of Emergency mNRA Treatment.

This is why we fight!


Boston First Responders United President Shana Cottone exclaims, “This is why we fight! Justice has prevailed, but the fight doesn’t stop here.” (In response to Judge Singh’s decision blocking vaccine mandates for city employees.) BFRU stands with the Judge’s decision and thanks the Boston Police Superiors Officer Federation, Boston Firefighters Union Local 718 and Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Association for representing their respective members by showing a willingness to engage in litigation to preserve workers rights. This stands in stark contrast to the attempted negotiated surrender by Boston Police Patrolman Association President Larry Calderone and Boston Teacher Union President Jessica Tang.


BFRU will continue to hold all elected officials accountable when they refuse to represent the voice of the people and when these same elected officials engage in unconstitutional, unethical rights violations under the guise of emergency powers. BFRU has had many small victories along the way, but this is by far the biggest yet. However, it is not the last. We will stand up, speak out and fight for every single person who is being harmed. We will not stop until justice and law are restored in Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.




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