The Massachusetts Dept. of Children & Families is Literally Stalin


The Massachusetts Dept. of Children & Families is Literally Stalin

by Greg Hession, J.D.

A knee-jerk habit of leftist trolls is the liberal use of the term “Literally Hitler” (TM) to describe any person with whom they disagree. But these histrionic folks don’t know their history very well. As they cast their Literally Hitler epithets far and wide over minor political disagreements, they ignore that state agencies routinely use the tactics of Hitler’s greatest military rival, one Iosev V. Djugashvili, aka Joseph Stalin.

Other than the Mass. Dept. of Revenue, no government agency emulates the Stalinist ethos more than our state child protection service, the Massachusetts Dept. of Children & Families (DCF). In the U.S.S.R., when they wanted to make people disappear, they sent a so-called Black Maria van to the house of the target, generally at night.

In the good old U.S.S.A., when they want children to disappear, they send “emergency response workers” in Priuses, with police backup, generally at night. Sometimes, they simply kidnap them from school, or at birth from a hospital and whisk them away before the mother even gets to hold the baby, or perhaps lure the parents to a meeting where their children are taken.

Stalin’s head of the secret police, Levrenti Berea, famously said, “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.” Just as the Soviet courts would condemn “socially harmful elements” in the absence of the accused, DCF has also mastered that art, with its own secret court procedures.

Take the case of Kathy (a pseudonym) and her five children, who was divorced in 2016 in Worcester Probate and Family Court. She made allegations, based on her children’s disclosures to her and to professionals, that the children’s father had abused them. Even though DCF upheld those allegations of abuse, and the Worcester district attorney brought criminal charges against the father, DCF has kept the mother from even speaking with her children for over a year. As part of its court process, DCF filed a secret motion, hand written on half a page of a yellow legal pad, with no facts or legal argument, and got a Worcester Family Court judge to take the children into captivity. The motion was never sent to the mother or her lawyer before or after the hearing.

After a five-minute secret hearing, the children went to DCF. To cover up her perfidy, the judge then put an unconstitutional gag order on Kathy, prohibiting her from even speaking about her case publicly. The children remain in captivity to date.

Another poor mother, whom we’ll call Leslie, had her baby taken from her based on false allegations of suspected abuse, which were medically ruled out two weeks later by a hospital physician, who then told DCF of his findings. Problem is, DCF deliberately withheld those medical records from Leslie, her lawyer, and even the Juvenile Court, for nearly a year. Stalin called such things, “Secret Operational Orders.”

Just like in Stalinist USSR, DCF uses psychiatry as part of its web of oppression. When they take these children into captivity, naturally they are hysterical, depressed, and unable to be consoled. Psychiatry supplies psychotropic drugs to address the problem, almost none of which are approved for use in children, but after which they become quite manageable.

Just like Stalin, DCF has a huge prison population of ten thousand children or more at any one time. Some of these children are actually abused and may need to be removed from parents. But many, if not most, are innocent victims of a system which has no pity.

When DCF social workers cannot find a pretext to keep the children in Stalinist exile, they usually resort to secrecy, the hallmark of all totalitarians. For months, Kathy, the mother of five, begged DCF to explain why she could not see or speak to her children. The answer: “We don’t know.”

Finally, months later, embarrassed by exposure to a new judge at the Family Court, DCF disclosed the reason: marital discourse, and a level of programming, not specified. She had barely spoken to her ex-husband for three years, so that was clearly a pretext. Not drugs, abuse, neglect, or anything in the law – discourse. Show me the woman and I’ll show you the crime.

DCF is literally Stalin. This method of child protection has been used for years in the commonwealth. If only the legislators would study history, and change how the state deals with children and families and change the rules in the juvenile courts, which still operate in complete secrecy without press or public allowed.

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  1. I would like the opportunity to meet with you and/or send you the documents that prove the story regarding my daughter and the irreparable harm not caused only by DCF but also by Children’s Cove, Yarmouth Police, District Attorney’s office and Judge Arthur Ryley of the Barnstable Family Court. (Tamara Hillard was fired “under the rug” and now practices privately. She advertises working with adults but she does still work with children.)

    May is mental health awareness month. It is my mission to expose the cover ups made on Cape Cod and “THE SYSTEM” that DOES NOT PROTECT CHIDREN BUT SUBJECTS THEM TO FURTHER HARM AND ABUSE!
    I joined Gina Marie Tolentino on the Ed Lambert show and Mark Allegro’s radio program in 2016. The ten years that I have spent not only advocating for my daughter but several others as well. We have Pandora’s box here on Cape Cod and it needs to be opened. It has taken me this long to get all of my documentation consolidated and organized to properly proceed with my mission. In 2009, during an “open investigation” Tamara Hillard from Children’s Cove failed to file a 51a after my (then) five year old daughter reported three disclosures alleging sexual abuse by her father. Because the other members of “the team” (mentioned previously) neglected to follow through during the investigation, including Judge Ryley, he vacated a restraining order previously ordered by Judge Virginia Ward and made the horrific decision to reinstate overnight visitation with her father. His decision caused my daughter to become suicidal (at the age of 7) and she was hospitalized 5 times with in a 4 month period and then was placed into residential treatment at the Italian Home for Children in Jamaica Plain. It was during her hospitalizations and residential treatment, when she was “kept safe” from her father, that ALL providers and two GAL’s provided evidence in court that Judge Ryley should suspend father’s visitation and that I be granted full, sole, legal custody of my daughter. In April, 2012 I was finally granted full, sole custody of my daughter. Unfortunately, three years to late. What needs to be exposed for “mental health awareness month” is not all of the heroic stories and accolades of our local agencies, etc.. We need to expose the long term outcome “the system” causes our children. Now at the age of fifteen my daughter still suffers from the abuse, neglect and harm they have caused her. The medications, therapy and the overwhelming amount of services that she has required over the past ten years is and will always be ongoing. Over the past year she has been
    admitted to McLean Hospital twice for reoccurring episodes caused by early childhood trauma. I am working with another woman who wants to expose DCF and the harm they cause foster children. Because of her experience she wants to expose these statistics and the impact it has caused on so many others. I hope you will consider contacting me. I know opening Pandora’s Box will bring awareness of an “epidemic” of STIGMA and the other side of mental health.

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