The Taking of Anna – Part 3

by Kevin Hall
New England Director for Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Dr. Rizvi’s Story of Collusion – Hospitals, Med Boards, Kangaroo Courts, DCF and Child Psychiatry Attacking Medical Whistleblowers

In the first two parts of this story, you learned of how the Department of Children & Families (DCF) MA conspired with their Swiss counterpart and other agencies to abduct, psychologically program, drug and relegate to a foreign foster care system, Dr. Hal Rizvi’s 14 and 15-year-old girls. Now you will find out why.

I would like to tell you exactly how hospitals, through their medical boards, use social services to attack well-intentioned doctors, but Dr. Rizvi gave me the following statement for this Boston Broadside article that gives detail that I do not think I could approve upon –

“For the past 20 years in medical practice, I have collaborated with physician whistleblowers who have opposed state physician licensing boards. We have been firm patient advocates seeking transparency in hospital operations. Many of my peers have been targeted in naval and military hospitals, VA clinics-hospitals and numerous civilian clinics. Licensing boards have been known to partner with health plans in denying payments for services and disciplining doctors is used as an excuse for denial of payment. For the past 20 years, licensing boards and the hospital industry have liberally utilized mid-level practitioners PA APRN NP, all collectively referred to as NOCTORS (nurses wearing the white coat) in private chatter. It is a new professional class that lowers the bar in medical standards and loosely prescribes whatever Big Pharma wants to market with flawed studies. Licensing board actions often occur in this order: first comes some form of fake licensing investigation, then licensing discipline follows using administrative law procedures that mock any serious standard of due process procedures and objective evidence. Licensing boards are run by government lawyers who are applauded for persecuting earnest doctors. Essentially, licensing boards are managed by health plans and the hospital industry and both sectors are hostile to patient advocates docs, especially independent physicians and dentists. Hospital administrators are mindful of physicians questioning their billing scams. I have a list of doctors targeted by licensing boards. I personally know one South Carolina surgeon, Dr Blake Moore MD FACS, whose 3 adopted children were taken in custody by state social workers leading to a tragic family disintegration.”

“In the case of the abduction of my children by state social services, certain facts have been discovered. In 2014, our family succeeded in fighting off the brutal abduction of my children by Maryland state social services. Then the Maryland Attorney General was found to have had explicit contacts with the Maine licensing board. Maryland’s AG vilified me, thus my Maine license application was first approved then quickly denied around January 2014. No appeal to the Maine denial was allowed. Maryland‘s AG used the Maine agency to intimidate me so I would cease from redressing their abduction in state and federal courts. I have maintained an untainted medical license in Ohio for 15 years while providing critical emergency and trauma services from 2001-2016. After the Maine denial, Ohio has moved to revoke my license, reciprocating the Maine denial. There is also a suggestion that the Ohio licensing board had some contact with Maryland county social services leading up to my children’s abductions. They enjoyed insider access to the family court Hearing Officer Richard Maslow and Assistant State Attorney Jacquelin Brendlen. It is unclear if the Ohio licensing board instigated the targeting of my children but it is plausible. There is known communication between the Maryland AG, the Maine and Ohio licensing boards and the DCF social workers who manipulated the Cambridge, Mass. juvenile court, Sept-Oct 2016. I believe state social workers are tools of persecution by the hospital industry asserting extrajudicial tyranny through state physician licensing boards. Does it stink of racketeering?

Despite what Dr. Rizvi has been put through, he is still fighting for his daughters in court hearings in the U.S. and Switzerland and has recently filed a complaint against the Swiss psychiatric facility for suspected abuse of Zyprexa on Anna, as the use of antipsychotics on children in that nation is illegal. It is assumed that Zyprexa is being used as the Massachusetts court ordered Anna sent to Switzerland to continue with the same Cambridge Eating Disorder Center (CEDC) treatment plan: the antipsychotic Zyprexa. According to Dr. Rizvi, it was the same court order that ruled him a danger to Anna for objecting to Zyprexa drugging at CEDC.

Although I think this story clearly shows how child protective services, child psychiatry, medical boards and prosecutors have worked together as tools to intimidate and shut up whistleblowers, there’s also a dishonorable mention that needs to be given to the Kangaroo Probate Courts that make these decisions of child removal and legitimizing forced-drugging. I received a statement from Kim Slayton from Anna’s Burnham Brook Middle School who testified in court that Anna was happy, relaxed and engaged at school, with no signs of a mental disorder. Slayton felt that it was a judicial violation that the judge would not consider what she said.

One aspect of unfairness is the useless “attorney for the child.” Generally, it’s another attorney on behalf of the state fighting against the rights of the parents. In Massachusetts, the current attorney “for Anna” is Attorney Roberta Driscoll. She contacted Dr. Rizvi’s attorney to squelch this story from being published in the Boston Broadside. She said she is representing Anna in Dr. Rizvi’s appeal from the earlier ruling against him and that she is concerned about information on Anna harming her reputation in the future. Well, Attorney Driscoll, an ethical attorney for Anna would be fighting to get her out of a dangerous, harmful, foreign psychiatric ward that cut all communication, minus one coached email, to her father for five months.

The attorney “for Anna” who is contracted by KESB (the Swiss version of DCF), Regula Schmid, has allegedly collected approximately $18,000 for abusing her authority, confining Anna and is directly responsible for Anna’s sister Miriam’s abusive, forced psychiatric drugging, confinement and foster care situation. Incomprehensibly, per Dr. Rizvi, Schmid, sitting in Europe, had called CEDC to help organize the abduction of Anna – and Attorney Schmid will get a copy of this article too.

Here is part of a statement from Dr. Rizvi’s Swiss attorney, Tim Walker, on the situation of the abduction and harm to Anna. The edit is due to the attorney’s native language being German. Per Walker, Schmid is working for KESB and doesn’t help or respect Anna. She’s trying to keep medical information from Dr. Rizvi to prevent him from revealing the harm being done to Anna in the media. Cutting off communications with me [Attorney Walker] and Dr. Rizvi is violation of the European Convention on Human Rights Article 8. And here’s a part of Attorney Walker’s statement that is verbatim, “All in all, it’s another unbelievable story of violation of human rights here in Switzerland – another story in a long historical tradition of human rights violations. Internationally, Switzerland keeps up the human rights, but here for many people this country is like hell. Many fled therefore to other countries of the world, some with their children…Official medias neglect all this.”

U.S. children abducted to foreign psychiatric wards as revenge to a doctor following his Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” appears to be an unbelievable work of fiction, but in reality, it is DCF agents being used as tools of revenge.

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