Massachusetts Knights of Columbus Issue Message to Unite Against Killing Unborn Babies


Massachusetts Knights of Columbus Issue Message
to Unite Against Killing Unborn Babies

Most everyone in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond are familiar with the group called “The Knights of Columbus,” but few know little more than that they are a charity organization that provides building space, meeting space, local scholarships, and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours to local and national groups. More directly, the Knights is a Catholic organization, consisting of Catholic gentlemen who are chartered to serve as the “strong right arm” of the Catholic Church, to protect the church in all matters. The Knights in Massachusetts have recently been seen more and more in the news, energized to step forward and protect the faith, protect the parishes, protect the young and the old, and to protect the unborn.

As a pro-life humanitarian organization, Knights’ leaders both locally and nationally have put out the call to defend life for all stages of humanity: from embryonic through elderly, regardless of race, handicap, or any so-called mitigating issues. To the Knights and their families, all children and all of God’s creations, large or small, young or old, are blessings and gifts to our community, our lives, and our existence.

We were proud to see the Massachusetts State Council Knights of Columbus issue a statewide notice to all members, sharing Cardinal Sean’s message that Catholics should unite in opposing pending House Bill 3320 “An Act removing obstacles and expand abortion access.” This bill would allow doctors to kill babies after birth (eliminate the requirement that provides medical care to a child who survives an abortion attempt) and would endanger women’s health by removing the requirement that late-term abortions be conducted in a hospital, and not a backroom abortion clinic.

We are reminded of Laura Smith, who died at age 22 during an abortion procedure performed by Dr. Rapin Osathanondh, then a Harvard-affiliated obstetrician, at the Women’s Health Center in Hyannis in 2007. Now, certain Massachusetts legislators seek to turn back the clock, allowing late-term abortions at such clinics and further endangering more young women.

Thank you Knights of Columbus for your work, your message, your rebirth in Massachusetts. We urge every Catholic gentleman to contact their local Knights of Columbus and join today.  ♦




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  1. If DNA testing had been around in 1973, would abortion have been made legal? The unborn’s DNA is definitely human and different from the mother or father or anyone else, so it is a distinct life. Human lives matter.

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